When And How To Use A Corner Bench In Your Home

Corners are very resourceful if you know how to take advantage of them. Each room offers different possibilities. So take a look around and see what you can work with. Perhaps you can opt for a corner bed and save some space in the bedroom or, if it’s an outdoor space we’re talking about, a corner bench might do the trick. It’s important to find out what naturally works well in a certain setting and not to force a certain feature where it doesn’t belong.

Outdoor configurations


A corner bench is a practical option when you’re decorating a deck. If the design allows it, you can anchor it to the wall allowing it to cantilever. A nice detail in this case is the accent lighting under the bench.


Accessorize the corner seating area with a large umbrella or shade sail and add accent pillows for extra comfort. You can delimit the deck or patio with planters which will double as a privacy screen for this area.{found on cmariedesignsinc}.


Build a pergola above the bench. The corner placement makes it easy to anchor the boards to the fence or walls. A lovely feature can be a green wall or vertical planter. Similarly, some hanging lanterns can also add charm to the space.


Built-in deck seating can take many different forms, depending on the style, location and personal preferences. This is an example of a traditional approach with a modern allure. The area rug makes the configuration very inviting.


A custom-built corner bench can have integrated planters. This is a modern and stylish example. The colors are beautifully chosen, creating crisp and elegant contrasts


Two corner benches can be built to face each other is a square or rectangular configuration. At the center, a fire pit can tie everything together creating a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.


Use greenery to create a privacy screen around the corner bench. The options are numerous including planters, trees, climbing plants and fences and all sorts of combinations and adaptations.{found on adolfoharrison}.


Since we’re talking about outdoor areas such as gardens and back yards, a wonderful idea would be to use natural materials. For example, a stone bench can look really interesting and can be a unique and charming accessory for the space.


Sometimes the configuration of the house leaves us with awkward layouts and apparently unusable spaces. A small corner like this one may seem useless but you can turn it into a relaxing seating area by building a corner wooden bench.


A corner bench similar to this one is not a particularly expensive addition. It can be turned into a DIY project and you can build it yourself using pallets, reclaimed wood or repurposed items you already have.

Kitchen designs


A lot of kitchens include breakfast nooks and, in that case, a corner bench is an ideal option. Use it in combination with a small table and a set of comfortable chairs and place it by the window to take advantage of the natural light. Speaking of which, corner kitchen tables are also a nice way to be practical about the space you have in there.{found on chrisandcamiphotography}.


If there’s not enough natural light in the corner, compensate with wall-mounted sconces, lamps and pendant lights. There has to be a pleasant balance in order for the nook to be comfortable and inviting. And to increase the functionality of the nook, you could also add some corner shelving up on the walls.{found on meyerandmeyerarchitects}.


A corner kitchen bench can also have built-in storage in the form of pull-out drawers. Use these to store rarely used items or things that don’t necessaily belong in the kitchen.{found on jenerationinteriors}.


You can also transform the corner into an actual dining area, with a table, chairs, a chandelier and everything else. Hang some artwork or decorations on the wall as well to complete the look. But this is not the only way in which you can make the most of your kitchen. In fact, other options are more suitable for a small kitchen, such as a corner sink for example.{found on mascheroniconstruction}.


A corner bench can be a welcomed addition to a kitchen regardless of the style. It’s a feature that makes the room more inviting which has become an important aspect lately. The kitchen is no longer a purely utilitarian space, being raised to the statute of social area. But if you’d rather focus more on adding storage to the space, think about corner kitchen cabinets.{found on redbudaustin}.


Comfort is important and a design such as this one is a good option that naturally blends comfort and function. The padded backrest also gives the corner bench an elegant look and allows it to coordinate well with the table.

Entryway configurations


Large entryways have enough room for accent furniture such as a comfortable corner bench with built-in storage for shoes and hooks for hanging clothes, hats, bags and accessories in general.{found on anthonyjames}.


If there’s a staircase integrated into the entryway’s layout, that can be used in a lot of clever ways. For example, the corner where the staircase meets the adjacent wall can be turned into a small seating nook with a tiny side table and some accent pillows.{found on karenjoyinteriors}.


This approach also works if there’s only a small area that can be used. In that case, the corner bench would simply be smaller and perhaps double as a console table.{found on morseconstructions}.

Window nooks


Any room with large windows and a free corner can accommodate this sort of bench. It’s simple and versatile and it can be adapted to numerous types of decors and functions. Whether it’s in the kitchen, dining space, living area or bedroom, a window nook is also a nice feature.


You can even add a corner bench to a home office. It would be a practical element designed to take advantage of the natural light and views. In addition, it would make the space feel more welcoming and comfortable.

Staircase Window Bench

Staircase landings are another interesting location. These spaces are rarely used for something. So why not add a comfortable corner bench so you can enjoy and admire the views every time you want?