Creative With Corner Beds – How To Make The Most Of Your Floor Space

Every room has dead spaces and these are usually the corners. But for every such space and for every room there are lots of ways in which you can creatively make better use of your floor space. Corner beds are an excellent idea and there’s more than one way in which you can style them.

Dual headboards.

Cozy corner bed for small spacesView in gallery
A soft, upholstered headboard on each side that is against the wall

A rectangular bed can fit perfectly in the corner of a bedroom. And, to really make it look great, you can extend the headboard. You get more comfort and this way the bed looks like it truly belongs there in the corner.

Masculine corner bedroom design leather dual headboardView in gallery
Such a headboard will also create a day bed like look, great for casual designs

by David Phelps Photography.

Framed wall pictures decoration for bedroomView in gallery
Certain bedroom layouts look like they’re inviting you to place the bed in the corner

by Miro Dvorscak

Customize corner bed headboardsView in gallery
If one of the walls has a window on it, customize the headboards
Bold bedroom wall accents corner bedView in gallery
The differences in wall décor are harmoniously unified by the corner bed
Wood corner bed red wall accentView in gallery
Corner beds are also excellent for small rooms where every inch counts

by Doug Adesko

Dual corner bedroom headboard dresser on the footView in gallery
Place a dresser at the foot of the bed for a cozier and more intimate look

Combining two or more single beds.

Another great way in which you can use the corner of a bedroom is with two single beds placed head to head. Similarly, you can use the same idea when you deal with bunk beds. A great setting for shared bedrooms. The space between the beds can be turned into a common storage unit or display area.

Perfect bed seating for cornersView in gallery
A perfect setting for shared kids’ bedrooms. Each has their own space
Asymmetrical interior designView in gallery
A nice opportunity to create a symmetrical interior design
Corned beds create shared spacesView in gallery
Use the shared space between the beds to make a sort of vertical nightstand
Combine two single beds for a l shaped sofaView in gallery
Combine two single beds to get an L-shaped sofa
Bunk beds for girlsView in gallery
Similarly, use a similar setting for bunk beds. Save space and make the most of the room
Corner bunk beds for large familyView in gallery
This particular setting also creates a continuous design for the room
Corner bunk bedsView in gallery
Extend the bunk beds to cover the corner and to get an extra seat

Angle the bed in.

Don’t worry about the space in between the bed and the walls. It won’t become a dead space as there are lots of creative ways in which you can use it. Place a tall plant for a fresh look, include a vertical storage unit, install corner shelves and so on. Find the idea that best works for your home and take into consideration your storage needs as well. Not all has to be about looks.

Push bed on corners for more spaceView in gallery
Push the head of the bed into the corner and you’ll still have plenty of room for nightstands
Slanted attic ceilingView in gallery
A particularly suitable idea for attic bedrooms with slanted ceilings
Serene corner bedroomView in gallery
Instead of a headboard, use a divider. Your room will get a boho-chic look
Corner bedroom advantagesView in gallery
Sometimes this also helps you better take advantage of the views from your bedroom
Corner bed shelving aboveView in gallery
A shelving unit makes the placement of the bed feel less unconventional

by Kee Photography

Corner bed place a plant above headboardView in gallery
Place a tall plant in the corner to fill the empty space