Crafty Corners: Inspirational & Functional Small Spaces

Are you a crafter at heart and love to dip your hands into all kinds of DIY projects? Do you have a scrapbooking stockpile and do you hoard ribbons and stickers year-round? Maybe you need a crafty corner to compile, collect and organize all your creative, artistic “stuff!” If you’re short a room for your crafting hobbies, pick out a nook in the house and make it all your own. In the meantime, gather some inspiration on how to turn those small spaces into inspiration and functional crafty corners!

1. A Sewing Spot.

Kitchen sewingView in gallery

In the kitchen or in the dining room, all you need is a small, thing table to make this work. The longer the surface the better, as it elongates the wall and all you need is your sewing machine to make the magic happen.

2. Hidden in a Hutch.

Craft room decor ideasView in gallery

Keep a piece of furniture as your craft room organizer. It could be a hutch in the corner of the breakfast nook or a dresser in the guest room. But, it’s sole purpose is to keep all your DIY necessities organized and ready to create!

3. Simple and Subtle.

Desk cornerView in gallery

This small writing desk is nestled quite nicely inside a living area, bonus room or even in a foyer. It’s organized and simplified for ones that craft in less messy ways like writing and graphic design.

4. The Window Seat.

Cottage farn cornerView in gallery

Sometimes all you need is a small table, a small chair and your paintbrushes sitting in front of a light and bright window to create the most perfect crafting corner. It’s not about size, it’s about creativity.

5. A bit of Hallway Utilization.

Colorful craft roomView in gallery

Someone took a bit of their larger, wider hallway and made something magical. Eclectic seating, a nice size table and lots of fun materials make for a surprising and fun spot to craft in.

6. For Every Kiddo.

Desk craft tableView in gallery

Every child needs a space to create in, even if it’s just a chaotic and inspiration corner. Fill it with their favorite items and creativity-inducing necessities.

7. Space for a Chalkboard Wall.

Kids craft cornerView in gallery

Utilize every inch of your corner by painting the walls with chalkboard coating. Then, the wall is just as functional as all of your crafting materials!

8. Maybe a Closet.

White purple craft roomView in gallery

If you can’t find a corner, try a closet that you don’t use as often as your crafting space! It’ll be a great way to utilize the space and organize all of your imaginative goodies.