How To Use A Cowhide Ottoman To Create A Cowboy-Chic Decor

Lately, cowhide has seen a comeback in interior design, becoming popular in modern and contemporary homes. It has become a way to makes spaces more inviting and comfortable, more like home. This cowboy-chic trend is materialized in a variety of forms that include cowhide rugs but also furniture that features this recognizable pattern. Cowhide ottomans are quite trendy along with other types of fur furniture. They add texture, color and pattern to spaces of all kinds. So when and how should you use a cowhide ottoman in your home? There are numerous answers to this question and we’ll explore a few right now.

Chowhide ottoman and chair

A cowhide ottoman can be used in combination with other matching furniture pieces or accent features such as chairs or rugs. You could cluster these together or spread them evenly throughout the house for a cohesive and harmonious look.

Peninsula hair on hide sling chairs

The result would be a cluster of patterned elements, each with its own unique characteristics but also in sync with the elements surrounding it. We find the black and white combo to be particularly stylish and fashionable.

Collection of chowhide ottoman

You could also choose to play with various types of animal prints, including cowhide patterns. How about a cluster of cozy ottomans or stools, each with a different pattern or color combination. They’d all be linked but they’ll also be different and special each in its own way.

Rustic chowhide chair with antler base

Ouigen Patagonia

If you’re serious about the cowboy-chic style, you could highlight this theme through more than just a cowhide-covered ottoman seat. How about these unique designs which use antlers are legs for the ottoman frame? Also, feel free to experiment with other prints and patterns.

Chowhide ottoman and chairs

Add a homey and chic touch to a home office with a comfortable cowhide ottoman or chair. Use this as a complementary furniture piece for a rustic or country-chic desk like this one which has a leather-covered surface and matching drawer pulls.

Indus hair hide poufs

There are many different uses for quirky-looking ottomans or poufs like these ones. Use them as accent pieces or extra seats in the living room or bring them into the bedroom and use them as nightstands.

light living hair hide pouf

The patchwork design on this pouf gives it a fun and playful look but also makes it more versatile, allowing it to match a variety of other elements and to better integrate in various different types of decors.

Light Living hair hide square bench

A similar design is also featured by this ottoman. By the looks of it, it has the right shape and size to also be used as a coffee table. It could be the focal point of a living room or at least the star of a cozy seating area.

outpost original hair hide bench

Some cowhide ottomans even have a built-in bottom shelf which suggests they’re actually multifunctional. Use them as coffee tables, extra seats or even as accent pieces for hallways and entryways. They’ll add a warm and cozy touch anywhere they go.

Cowhide ottoman patchwork

Featuring visible stitches and a funky patchwork pattern, this pouf has a lot of charm and casual appeal to successfully become a part of any living room or bedroom. Jut casually throw it on the floor and it will do the rest.

Small chowhide ottoman design

Fur or hide-covered furniture and accessories are wonderful accent pieces for rustic cabins, mountain retreats and for winter decors in general. They look incredibly cozy and comfy and they have the ability to transmit those characteristics to their surroundings.

Cowhide bench

You could consider something like this for your living room this winter or you could put this in front of a large window in the bedroom and turn that into a cozy reading spot. It’s also something you could welcome your guests with on the entrance hall.

Cowhide ottoman decor

Play with different materials, textures and patterns if you don’t want your cowhide ottoman to stand out and contrast with everything around it. You could choose to use contrasts in your favor and, for instance, place the ottoman to or directly under an acrylic coffee table.

Round ottoman cowhide pattern

There are many different types of patterns and color combinations that a cowhide ottoman can display and in some cases the overall design is quite subtle and simple. As a result, the ottoman doesn’t stand out but rather blends in with the other neutral and earthy colors in the room.

Low cowhide coffee table

On the other hand, when the color combination is very crisp and the contrast is strong, it would be nice to use the ottoman/ coffee table as a focal point for the room or that particular area.{found on WN interiors}.

Green living room with black cowhide ottomans

There are also variations of style when it comes to cowhide ottomans or anything similar. Not all of them have that country-chic, cowboy-inspired look. This pair, for instance, is modern and beautifully combined a fun look with a functional structure.{found on Kristin Drohan}.

Cowhide ottoman coffee table for a rustic living room


A cowhide ottoman would look right at home in the middle of a rustic living room or in front of a stone fireplace. Complement it with a leather sofa and simple and earthy colors for a harmonious look and ambiance.

Attractive modern cowhide ottoman

The modern cowhide ottomans that we find particularly attractive are quite different than the traditional kind. They’re more colorful and fun and they have a playful and quirky allure. The black and white combo is very hot right now and here it’s been used to create a focal point in a room divided into two sections colorwise.

Low ceiling living room with two cowhide ottomans

But not all modern homes want to be so striking and graphical in terms of color. In fact, if you want a space to look and feel inviting and comfortable you should use toned-down colors inspired by nature. That being said, consider one or two cowhide ottomans in black and light brown for such a space.{found on princeton design}.

Cowhide ottoman different patterns and prints

Casually introduce different patterns and prints in a decor and allow each one to stand out while making sure that together they all complement each other and don’t clash.{found on Bulhon}.

Office room with exposed brick wall and ottoman chowhide in front of a leather sofa

As it turns out, a cowhide ottoman could be the missing link in a home office, the element that ties it all together and makes the space comfortable and complete. Use it in combination with a few rustic-inspired details such as an exposed brick wall or a reclaimed wood desk.