Hair On Hide Is A Trending Finish For Furniture

Much like quality leather, hair-on hides have a natural beauty. Furnishings covered in hair-on hide have a vintage feel, highlighted by the unique color patterns, hair length, and natural markings of the hide. While they have been around for a very long time, within the past decade, cowhide rugs have become popular, and now hair-on hides are trending for a variety of furnishings in some unexpected styles.

Even though it has an artsy style with its hand-hewn frame and hide upholstery, the unusual seaming and shape hive this chair a sophisticated feel. The stylish piece comes from Saddleman’s, which is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is known for carrying only the finest Brazilian hides.

Saddlemans hair on hide upholstered chair

Pacific Green has a casual take on a similar style, albeit with a longer-haired hide.  The company has designed and manufactured unique furniture, architectural products and home accessories for 40 years.

Pacific greeen hair hide armchair

On the casual end of the spectrum, this rustic chair features a number of elements that contribute to its style: longer hair, a natural brown color, defines sticking and a light wood finish. Both the pillow and the seat future a natural color variation in the hide, which provides a defining feature.

Dovetail hair hide curved chair

This dining chair is done in a similarly marked hide.  Here, the dining chair’s frame has a traditional shape, which is a great counterpoint to the rustic nature of the hide. The nailhead studs atop a trim of longer haired-hide enhances the natural vibe. The piece is from Los Angeles-based Dovetail Furniture, known for an eclectic global collection of handmade items.

Dovetail hair hide dining chair

A stool from Go Home presents an unexpected combination of a hair-on hide top with a pieced driftwood base. The  piece is most definitely casual and would be great by the fireplace of a family room with rustic decor.

Hair hide dop driftwood stool Go Home

Hair-on hide poufs from Indus Design Imports are an excellent accent for a family room, office or bedroom. They’re casual, comfortable and a great way to showcase the beauty of the hide. The Arizona-based wholesaler and importer handles handcrafted, unique, rustic furniture, lighting, architectural and decorative accessories from around the world.

Indus hair hide poufs

Light and Living has a version that is done in a patchwork hide and stand-out accent stitching.

Light living hair hide pouf

Light and Living also offers a similarly patchwork large footstool. The top shows a variety of hide styles and is large enough to be used as a coffee table. Just plop down a tray and there’s a place for a cup of tea.

Light Living hair hide square bench

Sometimes just a little bit of this kind of leather is enough. Pillows are a wonderful way to inject a little into your decor, no matter what style of furnishings you currently have. It’s a terrific refresh for a space.

Light living hair hide pillows

In an unexpected use, Light and Living also presents this occasional table covered in hair-on hide, as well as the console table beside it. Hides are durable and make a first-class covering for pieces like these.

Light living hair hide tables

Oly Studio has covered its Zoe Chair in a hair-on hide that has a giraffe pattern. The traditional shape of the chair is modernized with the use of the hide upholstery, which also hives it a more casual vibe.

Oily studio hair hide wing chair

Origen Patagonia specializes in furniture that is designed and built on request. The company uses the finest materials in pieces such as this rustic hair-on hide bench, which also has unique antler legs.

Ouigen Patagonia bench

Outpost Original’s hair-on hide bench is a more modern style thanks to the shiny chrome legs. The frame is also available in Satin Nickle, Satin Brass, Black Chrome, Antique Brass, Pewter, Matt Black, and Rose Gold. The company’s exotic benches are also available in other hide designs.

Outpost original hair hide bench
Outpost original silver hair hide bench

Casual sling chairs, footstools and poufs are all part of the hair-on hide collection at Peninsula Home. Combined, or as a single item, the pieces are great accents for a casual space.

Peninsula hair on hide sling chairs

Very artful yet rustic this hide chair rom Saddleman’s has a great deal of interest thanks to the unique shape of the backrest and the details throughout the design.

Saddlemans hair on hide bar stool

Hide rugs add a warm touch to a modern space. This one from Saddelman’s has an intricate design, but there are all kinds to choose from. It’s just the right dash of texture for minimalist space that can sometimes feel a bit sterile without some texture.

Saddlemans hair on hide rug

Also at the modern end of the spectrum is this spare chair from UMA Enterprises. The leggy frame keeps it light and interesting.

UMA hair cowhide round chair

Also modern but with a casual feel is UMA’s wooden hide chair. While it has a more rustic look, the shape of the frame and the polished wood keep it from being too rugged.

UMA hair on hide chair

By contrast, this hide with longer hair is paired with a very rugged looking wooden base that really gives it a back-country feel. A piece like this is best in a very casual living space.

UMA hair on hide top stool

A little bit of hair-on hide goes a long way in interior design. Give this growing trend a try with a cozy chair, just a small bench, or even a few pillows and add a special touch.