Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Brown is useful as an accent and foundational color, and we are here to help you find the best colors that go with brown. Brown is a well beloved color by some and disliked by others.

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Colors That Go With Brown

Brown is versatile, and nearly any color can work well with it. The key is to choose complementary shades—warm browns go best with warm tones, while cool browns pair well with cooler colors

ColorKey FeaturesPairing
PinkVarious shades of pink complement brown well. Blush is a current favorite to pair with brown. Fuchsia, a shade between purple and pink, adds stunning accents to a room with brown.Blush with brown, stunning fuchsia accents in a room with brown.
GreenBrown and green shades mimic forest colors, creating a pleasing and natural look. Dark and light green both have wonderful shades that work with brown tones.Pairing brown with various shades of dark and light green for a natural and pleasing combination.
BlueBrown and blue tones create a study in contrast. Bright and vibrant shades of blue balance the neutral background of brown. Navy blue, turquoise, and pale blue work best with brown.Contrast with navy blue, turquoise, and pale blue to balance the neutral background of brown.
RedBoth red and brown have warm and rich undertones. Shades of brick red or burgundy look amazing with brown accents.Brown accents paired with shades of brick red or burgundy for a warm and rich combination.
OrangeOrange and brown, reminiscent of autumn, create a natural combination. Many oranges, including copper and bright orange, work well with brown.Pairing brown with autumn-inspired oranges like copper and bright orange.
YellowYellow adds a vivacious color to the sophistication of brown. Sunshine yellow and deep yellow ochre create brilliant contrast with brown.Brown paired with vivacious Sunshine yellow and deep yellow ochre for a look with brilliant contrast.
PurpleThe moody look of purple pairs well with brown. Deep and earthy plum with red undertones creates a dramatic look when combined with brown.Pairing brown with deep and earthy plum, incorporating red undertones for a dramatic look.
Black and WhiteBlack and crisp white are neutral shades that complement many shades of brown.Classic combination of black and white with various shades of brown for a versatile and timeless look.

Shades of Brown

Brown is valued in interior design for its warm and stable character, symbolizing reliability. Its enduring presence spans thousands of years, from cave paintings to fine art and home design. Various terms describe its many shades; here’s a brief overview of some popular ones.

Brown ShadeKey Features
TanA pale brown shade named after tannum, the substance used in tanning leather.
TaupeA gray-brown color derived from the French word meaning "mole."
KhakiA light shade of tan with a yellow undertone.
Chocolate BrownA deep shade of brown with red undertones, named after chocolate.
RussetOne of the darker hues of brown with undertones of red and orange.
SepiaA shade of brown named after the ink sac of the cuttlefish, Sepia.
Walnut BrownThe color of walnuts, representing a deep brown with yellow undertones.

Color Inspirations That Work With Brown

Bright White and Chocolate Brown

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Look at the contrast in this classic bathroom. This designer brings together the stark white paneling with rosy chocolate brown walls. The rich color of the walls and textured wood accents balance the cool tones of the chrome fixtures and bright white.

Black and Russet Brown

Black and Russet Brown
Miss Lolo

The pairing of neutrals with a good dose of russet and black hues combine to create a pleasing overall atmosphere in this sitting room. The bright and vivacious shade of russet adds depth with just a few touches. The black and russet are natural foils and together work to create balance.

Pale Blue and Brown

Pale Blue and Brown
Wallpaper from the 70s

Even your bathroom can benefit from the perfect shade of brown. This room achieves its elegant design by pairing brown with pale blue. The wallpaper is Strawberry Thief from William Morris with a background of gray brown. The pale blue leaf accents lighten up the dark wallpaper without looking too stark.

Brilliant Turquoise and Brown

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Brown is versatile and forgiving. It grounds a color scheme as well as adds depth and complexity. Therefore, you can use both bright and muted shades of blue to pair with brown.

For example we love the way the bright shades of turquoise counterbalance the dark moody color of the brown furniture in this sitting room.

Bright Navy and Rich Tan

Bright Navy and Rich Tan

This is one of the best color combinations that we have seen yet! This room pairs a warm and rich tan leather sofa with a bright navy paneled wall.

The colors complement one another well because they are both a warm and rich shade in their color families. Also, this room features different tones of earthy brown furniture and accents to provide greater depth to the overall design.

Radiant Fuchsia and Dark Brown

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

The combination of dark brown and fuchsia is unexpected, but it looks natural in this living room from Liz Levin Interiors. Brown pairs best with other warm colors and fuchsia makes sense in this context. The light blue touch in the wallpaper cools the overall warm design.

Blush Pink and Brown

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Blush pink and warm browns play off one another and create a look of contrast that is pleasing. Mandarina studio designed this living room with the foundation of blush pink walls, brown furniture, and rose accents. If you like this look, consider paint colors that go with brown. One of the best pinks is called Pink Ground No. 202 from Farrow and Ball. This color is a sophisticated pale pink with an undertone of yellow to keep it from veering into the sugary sweet category of pink.

Dark Green and Camel Brown

Dark Green and Camel Brown
Living Letter Home

The camel leather headboard and wooden furniture stand out against the dark green textured wall. The dark green color gives the room a more grown-up look that is still super sleek and modern.

Sea Glass Green and Walnut Brown

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

A front porch with the right shades of green and brown will never be dull. Rather, this porch, painted with colors of walnut brown and green sea glass, has a vibrant character that adds a cheerful look to this comfortable space.

Sunshine Yellow and Chocolate

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Jerry Jacobs Design designed this elegant home library with shades of rich chocolate brown and bright yellow. Together, these colors create a look that is timeless but never stuffy.

Brick Red and Natural Brown

Brick Red and Natural Brown
Benjamin Moore

The color palette of earthy red with the brown foundation brings to mind warm baked earth and terracotta tiles. If you like this look, use Benjamin Moore Bricktone Red (2005-30) with textural natural browns like seagrass rugs, wooden furniture, and clay accents.

Turkey Red and Deep Brown

Turkey Red and Deep Brown
Caitlin Wilson Design

Is there any such thing as too much color? Not in this chocolate living room at least. The deep brown accent wall provides a sophisticated backdrop for this design and the turkey red rugs add to the depth and complexity.

Moody Purple

Moody Purple
House and Home

The deep purple walls create a rich backdrop for this wooden chest. Try this look in a foyer to create a look of drama. If you like this color purple, use Brinjal No.222 from Farrow & Ball. Don’t be afraid to mix it with brown furniture and a rug with deep colors to create a foyer with immediate elegance.

Vibrant Orange

Colors That Go With Brown: Inspirational Ideas To Try

Brown and orange are a natural combination as brown is a dark version of orange. Also, notice how the bright hues of orange give this living room more immediate interest than a neutral color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What colors make brown?

Because brown tones vary so much, you can create brown tones with a surprising number of colors. The easiest combination of colors that create brown is red and green. However, you can also mix the three primary colors red, blue, and yellow to create brown.

Does gray go with brown?

Gray and brown are both neutrals and natural colors. These colors work well together; however, it is important to choose browns and grays with the same undertones. For example, choose both warm toned browns and grays to complement one another.

What paint color goes well with chocolate brown?

Chocolate brown is a deep brown with warm undertones. Pair this color with many tones of white and other neutrals like gray. Also, pair with blush pink and sage green if you want a more colorful look.

What are the colors that go with a brown couch?

There are many colors that work well with a brown couch. The color palette you choose depends on the look you want to create. If you want to lighten the look of your couch, pair it with light neutrals. If you want to create a more textural look, pair the sofa with earthy tones like green and terracotta and natural textures like rattan and seagrass.