Doorless Shower Designs – What They Are?

Over the past few years, you may have noticed a trend of walk-in and the doorless shower becoming more common. Although it’s been around for centuries in one form or another, this type of shower has increased in popularity recently because it is as functional as it is beautiful.

Doorless Shower Designs Teach You To Go With The Flow

A doorless shower, also known as a walk-in shower, a Roman shower, or a roll-in shower, among other names, is a shower architecturally designed not to require a door or a curtain.


  • Multi-functional Design: Doubles as a walkway and shower, expanding functionality without changing the home’s size.
  • Open and Spacious Feel: Eliminates shower doors, visually enlarging the bathroom and creating a sense of openness.
  • Universal Design: Seamless entry enhances aesthetic flow, embodying accessibility and universal design.
  • No Water Spots: Doorless design prevents hard water spots and streaks, reducing cleaning time.
  • Spa-Like Luxury: Modern design imparts a high-end, spa-like feel to the entire bathroom.


  • Limited Privacy: No door means limited shower privacy, suitable for one person at a time.
  • Water Splashes: Doorless designs may lead to bathroom water splashes; careful planning can minimize this.
  • Drafty and Chilly: Open spaces risk chilliness; combat it with a heat lamp or radiant flooring.
  • Water flower: Despite careful design, water may escape; use resilient materials like stone and porcelain to minimize damage.

Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

Here are a few more inspirational ideas if you’re considering a doorless walk-in shower.

Walk-In Shower: No Door and No Glass

walk-in shower no door no glass

Many of the walk-in showers you see will have glass walls and doors. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. This shower is completely made with tiles with a centralized opening. Plus, showers made from tile hide water marks that you’ll commonly see on the glass. And tile works better for larger spaces.

walk-in shower right next to your tub

And if you have the space to put a walk-in shower right next to your tub, this contemporary setup is perfect. There’s no glass. And the matching tile throughout the bathroom makes this space seamless and appealing. 

Small Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas

small doorless walk in shower

Walk-in showers without a door are absolutely feasible in small bathrooms. This shower offers plenty of privacy and fits nicely into this smaller space. The wall provides a barrier so minimal water splashes out. And there’s a window that offers plenty of natural light but can also cover up for more privacy. 

Doorless Shower Designs Teach You To Go With The Flow

Here’s another great example of a walk-in doorless shower in a small bathroom. Glass works well for tight quarters because other materials like brick or tile can take up a lot of space. And there’s plenty of room to get in and out of the shower without feeling cramped. 

Doorless Shower With a Bench

doorless shower with bench

A built-in bench is an excellent addition to your doorless walk-in shower as it provides a stable seating area. Being able to sit down in your shower can be relaxing. Shower benches enhance the look and can also be used for storing your shampoo and body wash bottles. 

Doorless Shower Designs Teach You To Go With The Flow

If your shower is spacious and open like this one, shower benches can serve as a leg rest to wash and shave your legs. Benches are incredibly convenient if you have an injury or need easy access to your shower.