6 Mouse Pads You Can Craft Yourself Using Simple Materials

The mouse pad is one of the few things which can have a double role when talking about work spaces and desks. It’s an accessory that can be both functional and decorative at the same time. And although it would be easier to simply buy a mouse pad, there’s also a more crafty alternative. DIY mouse pads can take many interesting forms and we’re about to have a look at a few inspiring examples.

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In order to give your mouse pad an interesting shape you can use a template. Modify it however you want and then trace it onto cork board. Cut a piece of fabric big enough to cover the design you traced on cork. Glue the fabric to the cork board. You can use two different types of fabric for the two sides of the mouse pad. Trim the fabric and give it the same shape as the cork board. {found on frompintolife}.


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A similarly simple project can be found on Feelinglovesome. This one also uses cork board. Basically you decide on a shape and size and then you cut the cork board to obtain it. After this you can use tape and paint to customize your mouse pad with all sorts of designs and geometric patterns.

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On Modpodgerocksblog you can find out how to make a mouse pad with nautical flair. You’ll need a round piece of cork board, some scrapbook paper, mod podge, ribbon, paint and a foam brush. Trace out the shape of the cork onto the paper. Then cut the paper circles and adhere them to the cork. At the end, glue the ribbon to the edge. For a nautical-themed mouse pad, pick paper that depicts a map or sea creature.

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If you prefer designs that are simple, check out the one offered on Northstory. It’s a cork mouse pad which you can easily make if you have some paint and a foam brush. Use letter stencils to customize the mouse pad.

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There are tons of simple ways to both craft and decorate a mouse pad. Check out Lovelyclustersblog for a lovely idea. The supplies needed for the project described here include smooth vinyl or leather, cork board, spray adhesive and a silver pen. Draw a circle onto the cork and then cut it out. Spray adhesive on it and place the vinyl on top. Cut out the excess vinyl. Sketch a few stars onto the vinyl and that’s all.

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To make sure that the cork board circle has a smooth and beautiful edge, you can use a cork board trivet. Put some vinyl on it and this can be your new mousepad. The project is described on Thethingsshemakes and is extremely simple, especially if you use adhesive vinyl.