13 Chairs With Built-in Storage For Your Favorite Books

Maybe you’re a real bookworm that likes to spend any spare moment reading or maybe you just like to relax every once in a while with a good book. This difference is not really that important when you choose the furniture for your favorite reading spot. Comfort is always important so having a cozy chair is a must but in addition to that you also need some sort of storage for the books. What if I told you that these functions can be combined? All the chairs we included in this article come with built-in storage for books.

Lost in Sofa Grey Design
Lost in Sofa Pure Design
Boocks Storage - Lost in Sofa

Lost in Sofa is a chair that puts a playful spin on the idea that things always seem to disappear in between the sofa cushion. In the case of the chair that’s actually intentional. Japanese architect Daisuke Motogi decided to build a chair that allows the user to store things between the folds in the upholstery. This makes the chair perfect for reading corners.

Bookworm Design
Large Seating with Books Storage

Suggestively named “Bookworm”, the piece of furniture designed by Atelier010 that lets you surround yourself with your favorite books, literary. It’s difficult to place in a specific category since it’s not exactly a chair nor is it a bookcase or a shelving unit. It’s a little bit of everything.

Armless chair with storage under for books

Italian designer Punto Suave created an interesting armchair that is assembled using absolutely no screws, nails or glue. It has a suspended seat that’s a lot like a hammock and underneath it all there’s storage room for books.

Reading Furniture with Storage
Boosk storage and reading chair with light

The same combination between a comfortable seat and clever storage underneath it is also featured by the reading chair that Remi Van Oers designed. There’s really no point in wasting all that space under the seat and this chair takes great advantage of that. In addition, it has a very sleek, modern and elegant look.

Sunflower Chair with Books Storage

If you literally want to surround yourself with your favorite books, one idea would be to use a Sunflower Chair. Designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian, the chair features a seat at the center and a whole bunch of linear shelves that unfold around it like the petals of a flower. It’s a little bit unclear whether this configuration is as comfortable as it seems or not.

Wood chair on wheels with storage for magazine and books

Not everyone has a designed spot for reading. It’s actually pretty comfortable to change the location based on your mood, the lighting and other criteria. With Bookinist you can do that in a moment without a lot of effort. That’s because this chair is designed on the pushcart principle and has a wheel at the front. Moreover, it offers built-in storage for all the books you want to carry with you.

Comfortable reading chair with storage

It could definitely be useful to have a lot of space for all your favorite books right there inside your reading chair. However, you can’t really read them all at the same time so what’s the point, especially when you also have a bookcase to keep them organized. A small compartment is all the chair needs and that’s exactly what the Book lounge chair offers.

Library Chair Design and Storage
Library Chair Design

OpenBook is a comfortable reading chair designed by TILT. It doubles as a library and it features built-in storage compartments on the exterior. What’s actually pretty nice about it is that the right side shelves can also double as side tables. With this chair you can showcase and store books and magazines and relax while reading them, accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate.

Curved chair concept with storage

Each of the chairs described so far offers its own version of space-efficiency and comfort. We’re now adding to the list a piece called OFO. The chair takes maximum advantage of the space inside its frame. Its innovative design features a thin frame that’s hollow inside and curved so it forms multiple storage compartments.

Orange Bibliochaise

Furniture pieces such as the Bibliochaise eliminate the need for a separate bookcase, especially if you’re not the type that likes to collect issues. There’s actually plenty of room inside the chair’s built-in compartments for a medium-sized book collection. It’s quite the space-saver.

Contemporary Chair - Frame design
Contemporary Chair - Frame design with storage

To simplify things even more, you could choose to only keep with you the books or magazines you’re actually reading right then and there. The chair designed by Lukas Avenas is called 14 and it has a sleek and simple design. Its key feature is the fact that the user can hang books and magazines on the side.

Large and deep armchair with floor books storage

Usually, most reading chairs or lounge chairs have the book storage features placed below the seat. This way the user’s comfort is not compromised in any way. Book storage is also not a problem since there’s usually plenty of space for the books below the seat.

Stool and storage

If space is a big problem, you might have to make some compromises and that’s when multifunctional furniture becomes a good option. All the products described so far fit the criteria but not all are as space-efficient as Sgabello, a piece designed by Postfossil. It can either be used as a chair or as a side table with built-in book storage.