Cedar Potting Bench

I love flowers and not just the ones that I get from my husband and put in a vase, but those flowers that grow in a pot and make my house full of life and green literally. I would love to have all my flowers planted in the garden, but unfortunately this is not possible because it’s really cold in winter and they would die. So I have to use the pots and move them in and out of the house. So in spring – about this time of year, when the weather is warmer, I take my collection of flower pots out , but I surely need a place to store them all. So I found the best solution – the Cedar potting bench.

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It is both functional and nice looking and it is made of red Cedar wood. There is a bench and then there are two shelves above where you can arrange the pot and underneath there is another special shelf where you can place your garden gloves or other gardening tools, the seeds or some empty pots, depending on the needs. You can move this bench wherever you need it and you can cover the lower part if you don’t want it to be seen. You can make it yourself out of wood if you are a good carpenter or you can choose the easier way and order it online for $346.48.