Catalina Walnut Tower Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very important in many homes. But this special and nice looking Catalina Walnut Tower Bookshelves is not used only for books as the name may suggest. You can also use it for storing different items like CDs, DVDs or other media storage devices or for displaying different objects used for decorative purposes. That happens because less and less people buy books these days since you can find them online or read them using e-readers. So their primary use is no longer existing, but the name is still used. This is a tower bookshelf, meaning that it looks like a tower with many smaller shelves that you can use the way you see fit.

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This particular piece of furniture is made of solid natural walnut wood and is manufactured in Vermont, USA. It is very simple in design, yet it fits all living rooms and looks great in any home. Besides, you can combine it with other furniture pieces in order to get the best effect. Below the three interior spaces used for storing or displaying things, you can also use the two big drawers that are pretty solid. The style belong to the middle of the twentieth century but it still looks nice and modern enough for most homes. You can order and customize it for $1,012 on Vermont Woods Studios.