Casual Design Synagogue in New York by Dror Architects

Today we would like to present you the Soho Synagogue in New York. Designed by Dror architects this synagogue was the first one of its kind in the community and represents a fresh vision that translates the inspiration of Judaism to a new generation.

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The founders of this amazing synagogue, Rabbi Dovi Scheiner and his wife Esty, have come up with a place that not only represents their beliefs, but it also integrates their religion within their modern lifestyle. The architects played with dual meanings through the design details, such as the striped window that keeps the privacy which was once used by a fashion boutique, the stripes that can be confused with a bar code.

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When entering this unique synagogue you go through a long narrowing reception area and on one of the walls you can see an installation with appearing bricks painted in different shades of blue and featuring the names of the donors. After passing the corridor you arrive at the top of a steel and glass stairwell opening the path to the sleek and amazing sanctuary.

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The Soho Synagogue is a wonderful landmark in New York. It is a place of comfort, where traditions can be embraced in a modern, casual design setting. What’s more it will hold both social gatherings and religious services. What do you think?