15 Small Camper Trailers With Which To Enjoy The Outdoors

What a time to be alive! When the weather is nice everyone is happy and there’s this urge to go outside and enjoy nature at its finest. Sure, you’ll want some comfort with that and although tents can be fun and practical, a camper trailer would be a nice upgrade. Small camper trails like the ones we’re about to have a look at provide a comfortable place to sleep and some protection, being a perfect option for those that like adventure but also like to take care of all the little details. Taking one of these things out would be like having a tiny house on wheels which you can carry with you on your trips.

Vintage Overland.

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If you’re looking for a small camper trailer able to offer you the basics you can have your pick at these three models designed by Britton Purser and his two younger brothers. The names of the trailers are Tuco, Great Escape and T. E. Lawrence. Each one is made by hand and has an anodized-aluminum outer shell that prevents corrosion. The interior is made of birch wood and plywood and is water-resistant. All three models are designed to be comfortable for two adults but can also hold up to four with a few additions such as a pop-up roof-top tent.

Alto R 1713 and R 1723.

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teardrop trailer transforms into a large family camper interiorView in gallery

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teardrop trailer transforms into a large family camper kitchenView in gallery

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Alto R 1713 and R 1723 recreational campersView in gallery

Canadian company Safari Condo offers two teardrop campers named Alto R 1713 and R 1723. Both camper trailers are lightweight and have aerodynamic designs. They also feature retractable roofs and plenty of usable interior space despite their small dimensions. They weigh 763 and respectively 782 kg and they can accommodate three to four people. The retractable roof brings natural light inside and provides a 1.08 meter high interior space. Inside these campers you’ll find two sleeping areas, a dining space, a kitchen, a toilet and plenty of storage space.


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The camper trailers designed by Moby1 reinvent the traditional teardrop trailer design. Their models are lightweight, flexible and really practical. The XTR is ideal for difficult terrain and comes equipped with a rooftop tent, a heater, outdoor shower, air conditioning, solar panels, a generator, running hot and cold water and a portable toilet. Another great model is the XC trailer with which you can travel to remote locations and withstand rough conditions. This one comes in two sizes, the shorter version still offering all the necessary features for a comfortable trip.

HC1 Teardrop camper.

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Teardrop camper trailers were very popular in the in the 30s and 50s and they recently regained their popularity. Some models even bring back the vintage design. One of then is the HCI offered by Happier Camper. It combines a vintage and stylish-looking outer shell with a simple and modern interior. It;s made of fiberglass and furnished with modular pieces. Windows let natural light inside and blinds can offer the privacy needed. Both the exterior and interior are defined by a white and blue color combination.

TigerMoth caravan.

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If you want something different then you should definitely have a look at the camper trailers designed by former NASA engineer Garrett Finney. Models like the Cricket, the FireFly or the TigerMoth combine science and art is a beautiful and very practical way. The TigerMoth has the same asymmetrical design characteristics that define Taxa. It has an upsloping roof. Instead of a dedicated kitchen, this model saves space with a slide-out design that rolls away under the couch when not needed. The interior is big enough for two persons and includes a convertible couch/ bed, a pop-up table and some storage space. Three windows provide ventilation, natural light and views.

Larger Camper.

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By borrowing design characteristics from larger campers, the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper is able to offer more livable space in a compact form. This model weighs 550 kg and is light enough to be towed with small vehicles. Its internal slide-out module allows it to include a seating/ lounge space in addition to the usual sleeping space. The bed folds up revealing a bench and the table slides out forming a great place for eating, playing games or simply relaxing.


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A very compact design big enough for two people was created by Brian and Katrina Manzo (Sprouting Sprocket Studio). They named it Hütte Hut and made it small and lightweight enough to be towed by most small vehicles. The camper trailer is made of wood and has a canvas roof which gives it a fresh and chic look but doesn’t offer it as much resistance as other models. Inside it accommodates a bed for two, some storage space and a ceiling light. Several small windows reveal the views and being light in.

MOAB Gobi trailer.

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It only takes a single look at the new MOAB Gobi trailer to realize that this thing will take you anywhere no matter how harsh the conditions may be. This is a model offered by Bivouac Camping Trailers and it’s a rugged teardrop fully-equipped for multi-day camping. The MOAB Yak is also really interesting. It was designed to carry ATVs, UTVa and bikes on its deck. It has a cargo bay which can be used for tools, camping equipment and lots of other things and it can also be equipped with a slide-out tray holding a tent.

Nest Caravan.

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Designed to offer a more luxurious camping experience, the Nest caravan has a sleek design and a stylish interior. The frame and the body are combined in a beautiful one-piece shell, the strategy considerable reducing the weight. The trailer has a fiberglass shell and the materials for the interior were carefully chosen for the form and functionality. The interior is designed for two persons and includes a queen-size bed, a counter and folding chairs for preparing food or eating, a bathroom with toilet and shower and some storage space.

High Camp.

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The High Camp trailer impresses with its shiny aluminum exterior but behind this shell there’s a beautiful birch interior. The design is reminiscent of the older models. Two side doors offer access inside the trailer, revealing the warm and elegant interior. Here you’ll find a queen-sized bed, lots of storage space inside the headboard and cabinets and a variety of small and smart details that let you personalize your camping experience. Sliding screen windows on the side doors and an adjustable roof vent offer ventilation, views and light.

Barefoot Caravans.

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Looking for a small camper trailer that has the charm of a classic trailer and the style and comfort of a modern one? The Barefoot Caravan might be the perfect model. Its distinct egg-shaped shell makes it stand out giving it a cool and memorable look. This is the creation of the Go Barefoot team. It has a fiberglass one-piece shell and can be customized with the desired color. Managing to make the oval interior functional was definitely a challenge. It includes a kitchen, a bathroom, a sofa bed and lots of storage inside cupboards. It can sleep two or three people, the sofa being able to convert into an L-shaped bed. It has a heating and hot water system and battery-operated interior lighting.


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MINI CowleyView in gallery

Back in 2013 MINI revealed three new stylish campers. They were the Clubvan, the Cowley and the Countryman ALL4 Camp. The Clubvan is a tiny camper van big enough for one person. All the seats except that of the driver convert into a comfy sleeping area. The space behind the driver’s seat incorporates a kitchenette with a propane stove and a small fridge. The roof opens for ventilation. The Cowley is also compact and can accommodate two people. It has an entertainment system with a TV, DVD player and audio equipment and the kitchen is in an outside compartment. The Countryman ALL4 is designed to be mounted on just about any MINI. It’s basically a rooftop tent-like structure which can be used as a sleeping quarter.

GO Mobile Adventure Gear

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Sylvan Sports GO multi-mode trailer designView in gallery

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The GO Mobile Adventure Gear was designed by Sylvan Sport. It’s a modular system which easily transforms from a trailer into a comfortable camper. Its versatile design includes a waterproof gear storage space and can be used in three different ways: the travel mode, the transport mode and the camping mode. Its roof can be raised and the deck can be lowered thus eliminating the need for a ramp, allowing easy loading. Its built-in tent can accommodate up to four people and allows multiple sleeping configurations. The bed panels can be used as tables or stored away.


Atlas Tiny house on wheels chairs on porchView in gallery

Atlas Tiny house on wheelsView in gallery

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The models described so far share in common compact forms and modular designs. But there are also other options. Atlas is a good example. This is an RV/ tiny house hybrid created by F9 Productions. This is a solar-powered structure equipped with a porch. It has a tube steel frame and wooden cladding, featuring foam insulation. It sits on a trailer and offers an 18 square meter interior divided into a primary living area on the ground floor and a loft space for sleeping. It also has a kitchen, a fold-down couch, a bathroom with toilet and shower and a deck and lift-up awning.

Honda concept.

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Honda recently revealed a two-piece concept: the N-Truck and N-Box. The desire was to keep this combo as short as possible and in order to do that the front of the trailer was designed as an overhang for the rear of the truck. The interior has large windows, comfortable chairs and a sleeping area above the lounge space. The roof can be raised for more space.{found on gizmag}.