DIY Paper Towel Holder

All right guys, it’s time for another handy DIY for your kitchen, did you like the customized jars I have showed you last time? If you like building your own home pieces which are not only useful but also look nice, I think you are going to like this project. Today we are going to make a very simple, yet effective paper towel holder for your kitchen shelf, are you ready?

DIY Towels stand - 1
DIY Towels stand - 4

If you know me a little bit, you might remember that I love the look of unfinished, raw wood (which according to the latest trends spotted at the Milan Design week is also very trendy right now!). The thing is, when it comes to towel holders they are often made out of metal, so I decided to make my own, out of wooden elements to match the style of my kitchen. Follow the easy step by step tutorial below to see what I did here:

Here’s what you will need:

  • a big, round, heavy wooden base (I have found furniture leg in the perfect shape so I used it)
  • a round wooden stick (you can get them from your local hardware store, just make sure it fits the size of the paper holder you use)
  • a drill
  • very strong hardware glue
DIY Towels stand - supplies


Before starting the project make sure that the base and wooden stick are well polished without any splinters on the surface.

DIY Towels stand - tutorial 1

Drill a hole in the wooden base big enough to fit the round stick. I recommend checking it while drilling to be sure you get the perfect size. When done with drilling, clean the base from all the dust.

DIY Towels stand - tutorial 2

Place a big drop of strong hardware glue inside the whole, place the stick inside and hold together to connect both parts. Then wait couple of hours before using your new paper holder, for the glue to dry well.

DIY Towels stand - tutorial 3
DIY Towels stand - tutorial 5
DIY Towels stand - 5
DIY Towels stand - 2

Easy, right? I just love DIYs which combine both function and the look. Curious to know what you think?

Have a great day!