Bronzed Antler Candleholders

Some animals are very proud to have big and beautiful horns or antlers. Sometimes these antlers help them win a fight with their male oponent, but once a year these antlers fall on the ground and the stags grow another pair of even bigger antlers underneath. Ever since people started hunting deer and other wild animals, they collected these horns and antlers as trophies. Well, nowadays people realized it is better to preserve nature, so they no longer hunt deer, but they still love the beauty of antlers and they still want to use them to decorate their homes. The perfect solution in this case is to use some real antlers as models for a reproduction. These Bronzed Antler Candleholders are beautiful decorations for any home.

Candle holder

They are not real, but they look great. They are made of recycled aluminum using a pair of real antlers to make a mold. They have a nice bronze finish for a more realistic look and they are used as candle holders. In this case the base of the antlers is the perfect spot for the candle and the tip of the antlers are placed on the table. They are the perfect aceessories for a hunter’s cabin or maybe a house with a rustic  design. These candle holders are recommended to be used with taper candles.  The item can be purchased for $66.