Bookshelves for children

My children are little, too little to read and definitely too little to go to school. But they have their own bookshelf because they have so many story books and coloring books that I prefer keeping them in a place where they can reach them easily and if I put them in my bookcase this will not be possible.

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It might be an exaggeration only for those who do not have children but you will certainly need bookshelves for the kids and here I will make four great suggestions to inspire from. I mean the first and best suggestion is to try to find a bookshelf that is both functional and fun for a child, for example this playhouse hideaway with bookshelves on each side. It can be used as a theater, a tent, a place for hiding or a little house, depending on the game.

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Then there’s this nice red fire station bookshelf that has an alarm bell, too, which is perfect for little boys. The little girls will love the third model – Tea Party bookshelf that you can buy for $84.99. These last shelves are stacking and you can use many as you need by simply placing one on top of each other. These shelves can be used for storing both books and toys, so one more reason to buy it.

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The last model is the Sling Bookshelf whose shelves are made of canvas. They are very easy to use and you can wash them easily if they get dirty. You can buy it for $59.99 and you can use them for storing all the things you want to be able to find in no time and when trying to clean the children’ s room really fast.