Bookshelf with fireplace incorporated

Books and fireplaces don’t usually go very well together, unless you’re using the books to start a fire. But there’s someone who thins this could work. And this someone actually did something about it. He created a fireplace that is incorporated in a bookshelf.

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It’s called Helios and it’s a very creative space. The bookshelf is made from black or white painted steel, so it’s going to go on fire. And the books are not either, because the fireplace is protected by a 8 mm thick safety glass. There’s also a remote control that you can use to turn on the fireplace. It’s definitely an interesting concept that would turn your living room, or any room you choose to place it in, a very interesting place.

If you’re looking for a special and original piece to include in your home, then you’ll probably like this one a lot. It’s not just for fun, because of the fireplace. It’s also equally particle, since it’s a bookshelf that can be used for storage.