Using Bold Colors In The Bathroom – When And How To Do It

One of the ways in which you can the interior design of a bathroom stand out is through color. Blue is one of the most popular options for this room but the list of suitable shades is a lot longer than that. The bathroom color schemes you can try are very numerous but today we’ll only focus on those involving bold colors.

Yellow bathroom wall decor

First of all, it’s important to pick a color that you like, one that makes you feel good. Yellow, for example, is a color that brings cheer and brightens up the room. You can use it in the bathroom if you want to make it seem spacious and fun without using the same old white-based color palette.{found on instil-design}.

Modern bathroom design with yellow tiles

It’s up to you to choose the yellow shade that you like best for this space. It can be a darker yellow for a warm and cozy ambiance or it can be a very bright, almost neon shade if, for example, you want the décor to truly pop. It would be nice to also add some contrasting elements such as a few dark accents.{found on allen}.

Red for bathroom is a difficult color

Red is a difficult color in most cases. It has to be used carefully and only as an accent shade. It goes well with white and black and it adds a dramatic touch to the décor. For the bathroom, you can choose to use red for the ceiling and perhaps for a few other elements on the lower portion of the room, such as the tub in this case.

Red is a color that works well with wood

Red is also a color that goes well with natural wood tones. One colored accent wall is enough to make a bathroom stand out. If you want to emphasize the color even more, use mirrors for this purpose. Black and white can be colors that complete the chromatic palette.

Orange borrows the most important

Orange borrows the most important characteristics from yellow and red. It’s a fun and cheerful color which also has a strong visual impact on the décor. Various shades of orange can have different impacts on the bathroom in general but usually they all make it look energized and welcoming at the same time.{found on ddrrenos}.

Strong shade of orange for bathroom

This strong shade of orange (almost red) is highlighted by the crisp white décor that surrounds it. The chocolate brown on the sink vanity is a welcomed contrast, grounding the color palette and establishing a balanced look throughout.

Modern orange furniture with LED

Several colors were used in this case, although orange seems to be the main accent shade. Complemented by the wooden floor, neutral wall color and the hints of blue, it offers the room a warm, relaxing and inviting look.{found on finefocusphotography}.

Classic blue bold color

If you want to stick with the classic blue as an accent color for the bathroom, there are ways to make it look interesting even if it’s the most popular and perhaps overused color for this room. A very simple idea is to pick a shade of blue that stands out in some way. Perhaps a dark tone or one that’s close to purple can work.{found on casedesign}.

Shade of turquoise bathroom design

This shade of turquoise, aqua or whatever else you want to call it is one of the most beautiful ones so far. The color is very fresh and, at the same time, very soothing even though it’s definitely a very bold tone. It goes really well with the minimalist décor and the dark wooden floor.

Smokey turquoise bathroom color

We could describe this color as smokey turquoise although it surely has a different and very specific name. It’s a color that goes well with vintage, rustic and eclectic decors. In combination with all the golden, brown and white shades featured here, this seems like a very versatile color.{found on Dona Rosene Interiors}.

Green and dark tiles for the bathroom

Another fresh accent color you should definitely take into consideration when designing your bathroom is green. It looks amazing when combined with black and white and you can create a lot of stylish variations using these colors as a base.

Green subway tiles for bathroom

Of course, different shades of green have different impacts on a bathroom’s interior design. This darker tone is more suitable for rustic decors the reason for that being that it doesn’t stand out stand much, especially when combined with other dark shades such as gray.

Bathroom decor that stand out

A way to make a décor stand out is by opting for a mural. This one is quite amazing but the lovely part is the way the rest of the room complements it by staying simple and featuring colors that either match the wall or complement it.

Orange wall art for bathroom

A color may not look very interesting in concept but it may complement a particular room or setting in a way you’ve never envisioned. This faint tone of turquoise could look boring if takes separately but, in this setting, it becomes the perfect choice. The bold orange accents made sure of it.

Multicolored bathroom square tiles

But what if you simply can’t decide on a single color to use in the bathroom? Well, then you’ll have to use several. For example, combine them all in a mosaic for the walls and floor or choose to make them each stand out in a different way.