The bold 4 Najuda project by Atelier Base

This contrasting and bold space is a residence located in Ajuda, Lisbon, Portugal. It was designed by Atelier Base. The construction started in 2010 and it was completed in 2012. The house covers a surface of 70 square meters. However, it’s not the size or the exterior that it’s impressing but rather the interior and the way the rooms are delimitated not just structurally but also visually.

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There’s a very interesting contrast of colors inside this house. Some rooms are completely white while others are bright range and the transition is sudden and striking. This alternation of colors was chosen because of the difference in light noticeable from one room to another. This way the architects achieved the correction of light through saturated color. As you enter in the house you reach the living room.There’s no hallway or transition space.

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The living room is white with wooden floors and a large wall unit with lots of compartments and open shelves for storage. This area has large windows and it’s filled with light. It’s why the walls are white and the atmosphere is airy. From the living room you can then reach the kitchen and bathroom area. This is a brightly orange space with orange walls, orange ceiling and orange furniture. The light brings everything together and creates a bold décor. The rooms are separated by sliding doors. The house offers variety in terms of atmosphere, décor and color.{found on arhdaily}.