DIY Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Paint drip & milk glass vases can make any space unique and artisan. In just a few quick steps, and with easy craft store materials like acrylic paint, you can make a gorgeous painted milk vase in no time.

 Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Today, we walk you through the process of creating one. Scroll through to learn how.

How To Paint Glass Vases

How To Paint Glass Vases

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

This paint drip art project will create a wonderful decoration that you can display in any part of your home, whether that’s the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Painting DIY Level: Beginner

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Paint Dripping Art Materials Needed:

To create a drip paint effect, you will need the following materials.

  • Clear glass vase (any size)
  • Gold acrylic/craft paint (used: Martha Stewart metallic gold acrylic paint; almost entire 2 oz. bottle used for this larger-sized vase)
  • White latex paint
  • Toothpicks/foam brush (optional)
Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Step 1: Apply drip paint to the inside rim of the glass vase.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

To achieve the look of milk glass, all paint should be applied to the inside of the glass. 

This means you have to work backward, in a way, starting with whatever color you want as your drip paint effect. 

Note: In this image, the paint drips are metallic gold (Martha Stewart). 

You can go for a bold or metallic color for a more striking look, or add a pastel shade for a more subtle cartoon paint dripping effect.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Squeeze a generous amount of paint all around the inside of the vase rim. 

The weight of the excess paint is what will form the drips.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

If the rim of your vase has multiple angles, as this one does, you’ll need to apply paint to the “top” of all sections.

Step 2: Spread excess drip paint over entire opening.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Use a foam brush to spread the areas of excess paint toward the areas not yet covered with paint. Cover the opening of the vase.

Be aware that on this initial paint layer, the important part is what is seen from the outside of the vase, not necessarily what is seen looking in.

Step 3: Allow the paint drips to take shape

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

At this stage, let the dripping paint technique to run its course, and fall organically. 

How to fix paint drips? Don’t worry if paint drips down to the bottom of the vase. The paint drips will be easily scraped off before your next paint application when all is dry. Just leave them alone and let them dry at this point.

Step 4: Wipe the rim.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Wipe off the rim of your glass vase. 

Note: Don’t worry too much about what the inside of the vase looks like. The inside will be covered with your other paint coat.

Step 5: Let the acrylic paint dripping dry.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Set your vase in a safe spot, and let it dry thoroughly. 

For consideration: This might take a few days, depending on the thickness of your paint. Don’t rush this step as you risk messing up your work so far, and it will be more challenging to remove the unwanted paint drips.

Step 6: Remove unwanted paint drips

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Now that the acrylic paint dripping is dry, the excess drips are ready to be removed. 

Pro Tip: Thick globs of paint are easier to scrape off glass than thin streaks, leave the thin ones be.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Simply scrape off the unwanted drips. You can use your fingertip to do this.

Step 7: Add the white paint.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Pour enough white paint into the bottom of the vase to cover the bottom, about 1/4″. 

Note: The amount you pour is dependent upon the size of your vase – you want just enough to cover the clear glass.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Swirl the paint around the vase, covering all sides and clear spaces.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Turn the vase on its side, and slowly work the paint from the bottom of your vase up toward the top.

Wipe away significant excess; remember, the paint need only be as thick as to appear opaque through the glass.

Step 8: Let the paint dry (again)

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

When the entire inner vase is covered in paint, let it dry.

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Step 9: Enjoy your beautiful drip paintings vase

Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase
Paint Drip & Milk Glass Vase

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

how to drip paint?

If you’re looking to learn how to drip paint, let our quick step-by-step guide help you out. All you need is some acrylic paint, latex paint and a brush to get started with your drip paintings project.

how to fix dried paint drips?

The easiest way to fix dried paint drips when painting a glass vase is wait for the paint to dry then gracefully remove with your fingertip. If the paint dried is too thin, you’ll likely have to use a tool to scrape away the drips.

how to make paint drip?

The best way to make paint drip is to use gravity to your advantage! Place the glass vase upside down to let the paint drip (with towels below, of course.)

how to hide fake flower stems in glass vase?

If you love glass vases, the simple way to hide fake flower stems is to apply a drip painting technique to it. This will make the glass vase opaque, hiding all the fake stems and keeping just the beautiful blooms in view.

how to remove paint drips from trim?

Once your paint drips are completely dry, after a few days, you can simply scrape them away with your fingertip or a tool.

how to fix spray paint drips?

If your spray paint drips, no fear! You can simply let it dry, and then use light sandpaper over the surface to buff it away and start anew.

how to decorate glass vases with different things?

While drip painting deas are the best way to decorate your glass vases; you can also use colorful tissue paper, or glitter to make a sparkling impact!

how to paint a glass vase?

To paint a glass vase, you just need to add about a ¼” of paint to the bottom of the vase itself, and swirl it around until the whole thing is covered. Then, allow it to dry completely.

can you spray paint glass vases?

Yes, you can spray paint glass vases. Be weary of chips over time.


As you can see, this stylish paint drip vase looks fantastic in any room in your home. When completing this drip paint project, ensure you don’t rush any of the stages, especially the drying stage. 

While you are probably keen to have your work completed, you’ll enjoy a much more professional look when you take your time with the paint drip art.

It’s an easy way to bring new life into any space of your home, and you can choose any color or size of vase to fit your needs.