Inside painted bottles

Previously we have seen how to make your own vases by painting them on the outside. Now it’s time to create ourselves another type of painted bottle. We are going to paint in on the inside, which is a little more complicate, to make it resemble with a milk bottle. To make sure your work will be successful completed, you just need to follow a few steps.

Faux milk glass

First of all, you must prepare your materials, which will be some glass bottles, 6 oz acrylic or latex paint, 2 mixing cups, a syringe and a chopstick. Pour the paint into the mixing cup and mix it. Fill about one inch of the syringe with this paint. Until now it looks easy, but now comes the hard part. Try to hit with the syringe a straight line of paint on one whole side of the bottle without letting any spaces. If you missed, refill the syringe and repeat the process.

After that, easily rotate the bottle so that the paint spreads on the entire interior.  After you finished that, turn the bottle upside down with the head in another clean plastic cup and wait until the paint drains. Let it so about 30 minutes, then turn the bottle and let it dry completely for about one day, one day and a half.

Faux milk glass

The result will be a fancy inside painted vase which can have any color you want by changing the paint. You can use these accessories to put flowers in them, to simply decorate your house or to give them as original presents.For more pics and inf check the Houseofearnest site.