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How to Nail the Bohemian Style in Your Home With Coffee Tables

If there is one interior decor style that breaks all the rules, it is definitely Bohemian. It is one of the most personal styles, one that tells your story, allowing you to personalize the home with items that are most dear to you.

Bohemian coffee tables

It is an unconventional style that’s very different from all the others, so dedicating an article to it seemed like something mandatory. Today, we’re going to talk about how one can decorate the home in Boho style, and then review some of the coolest Bohemian coffee tables.

What Is Bohemian Style?

There are plenty of ways to define the Boho style: colorful, hippie-ish, vintage, bold, unconventional, etc. But how many people know about the history of the Boho style in its entirety? Inspired by those with a free spirit, the Boho style first emerged in 19th century France, when artists that wanted to pursue creativity instead of wealth, moved to the lower-rent Romani regions of Paris.

The Bohemian style is characterized by a mixture of different cultures and philosophies, as it traveled around the world, adding bits and pieces of whatever it found along the way. If there is one creed that the Boho styles stays true to, it is “more is more”.

How to Decorate with Bohemian Style

Boho, for short, the Bohemian style is certainly one of the most controversial, yet most adored decorating styles out there. With a rich and colorful history, the Boho style can be confusing for some, but there are a few decorating tips that will work no matter how little you know about what Bohemian houses should look like:

  • One of the things about the Bohemian style that you will often hear is that there are no rules. However, warm earthy tones, jewel tones, and metallics are very common. When thinking colors, choose grays, greens, and deep browns as base colors, and then turn to electric blue or vivid orange for accessorization. Don’t be afraid to layer colors and combine them as you please.
  • Mixing textures and patterns is one of the most fun things to do when it comes to decorating in the Bohemian style. If you believe that a certain something is unconventional in terms of interior design, it’s probably suitable for the Boho style. Keep in mind that its rich history has led to Boho as we know it, so go bold when it comes to patterns and dyes from around the world. If you want to make the place look exotic, go for it. Hang tapestries or area rugs on the walls, and decorate them with art and pictures.
  • Even if pretty much all interior decor styles are the opposite of Bohemian, minimalism is probably the most opposed one. That means adding as much to the room as you can. You can combine basic materials with something more sophisticated, like silk. You want to choose materials that have a partially worn look. Macramé and fringe should be present. Throw rugs make the room look cozier. Choose canopies for the bedroom.
  • Bohemian furniture has a vintage look and is, oftentimes, not even bought from the store. Garage sales, antique shops, and even thrift shops are the places to go. One of the traits of the Bohemian interior decor style is that people have furniture that’s collected over time, with pieces that have history. In fact, that’s one of the best ways to describe what Boho furniture pieces inspire: they each tell a story. Plush couches and chairs can make wonderful sitting areas, overstuffed floor pillows inspire coziness and comfort, and relaxed pieces are the way to go.
  • As you can imagine, the lighting in a Bohemian room is also unconventional and it focuses on setting a mood rather than offering bright lights. Ditch overhead lights and opt for floor lamps, lanterns, and candles.
  • Plants are definitely an important element in decorating in the Boho style. Hanging plants are great, but so are large floor pots made from rattan. You can go for large ferns, but also for small succulents.
  • To add finishing touches to a Boho-inspired room, opt for souvenirs from around the world, family photos with intricate frames, and especially handmade items.

Bohemian & Other Styles

But what do you do when your idea of the perfect interior decor setup is a mixture between Bohemian and other styles? Is there any way to match something so unconventional with something that’s perhaps more modern or stuck in a clear guidelines?

  • You can mix Boho with mid-century modern. If you consider the history of the mid-century modern style, it has been around since the 1930, so incorporating pieces of furniture that stay true to this current with the Boho style isn’t all that complicated. In fact, mid-century modern pieces are easy to blend with other room styles as well, especially since they’re made from a variety of materials, ranging from plastic to glass. You can easily find mid-century modern furniture with thin tabletops, splayed legs, and geometric forms, and all these are characteristics and details that could easily fit in a Boho-style room.
  • When you want to mix Boho with modern, it can be puzzling to think about what fits into the room and what creates contrast so powerful, they become tasteless. Rest assured that you can easily convert a modern piece of furniture and give it a more Bohemian appeal if you decorate it with items that are true to the Boho style. New couch? Out an earth-tone throw blanket on it. New bookcase? Store vintage volumes and souvenirs from around the world on its display shelves. New floor lamp? Place a rattan woven basket next to it.
  • Probably the easiest style to mix with Boho is rustic. They have quite a lot of common traits that could lead to room balance and harmony between elements, such as a devotion for nature through earthy tones and worn-out-looking items.

Cool Bohemian Coffee Table Ideas

Clery Solid Wood Drum Coffee Table

Clery Solid Wood Drum Coffee TableView in gallery

There is something about most drum coffee tables that makes them suitable for the Boho style, and the Clery is no exception. It is a nature-inspired coffee table that uses individual teak branches to create a table with a natural wood finish. You can see the natural grains and the natural curve of the wood pieces as they come forth to bring your entire sitting area to life. This gorgeous wooden table measures 16” H x 31” L x 31” W and can support a total weight of 200 pounds (no surprise there, since teak is one of the strongest wood varieties out there).

Gerber Coffee Table

Gerber Coffee TableView in gallery

Measuring 15” H x 39.25” L x 19.75” W, the Gerber coffee table combines a metal frame with a solid wood table top to bring you a Boho-style table that one can spot a mile away. With distressed paint and a worn-out look, it is extremely easy to make it blend in a Bohemian interior decor, offering a combination of earthy tones and a vintage appeal of a table that looks made at home.

Teres Solid Wood Block Coffee Table

Teres Solid Wood Block Coffee TableView in gallery

Is there something more Bohemian than a coffee table made from recycled coconut shells? Cut in a mosaic style and hand-painted for a more worn look, the bits that make this table come all the way from Indonesia, which is another important aspect of “items that tell a story and are suited for a Boho home”. This coconut-shell table measures 16” H x 35” L x 24” W and can support a total weight of 150 pounds.

Macri Coffee Table

Macri Coffee TableView in gallery

A table made from hand-woven abaca leaves? Yes, these are the kind of furniture items that you want when you’re decorating your home in the Bohemian style! This is a piece that can add loads of texture to the room, especially since it’s made from rattan. This beautiful little Boho table measures 18.5” H x 35.5” L x 35.5” W and can support a total weight of 100 pounds.

Solid Wood Drum Coffee Table

Solid Wood Drum Coffee TableView in gallery

Another drum coffee table that’s perfect for Boho-style homes is this one, by Dakota Fields. It has a rustic appeal to it, as it combines pieces of wood painted with a distressed finish and encompassing natural wood grain variation for that unique appeal. It measures 16” H x 38” L x 38” W and it’s made from reclaimed molded wood. Much like the previous model, this one is also made in Indonesia.

Donato Block Coffee Table

Donato Block Coffee TableView in gallery

Geometry isn’t always a sign of Bohemian room styling, but when you spot the Donato coffee table, it becomes pretty clear where this item belongs. Made entirely out of metal, this table has an unconventional appearance, with its distressed look and diamond shape. The Donato coffee table measures 16” H x 36” L x 36” W and supports up to 100 pounds in weight.

Northside Coffee Table

Northside Coffee TableView in gallery

This gorgeous drum coffee table is yet another product that would fit in your Boho-inspired sitting area. Measuring 15.75” H x 33” W, this wicker table is made from woven banana leaf, so you have the exotic vibe and the story to tell right there in the manufacturing process. It offers a touch of texture and comes with removable legs that are made from manufactured wood.

Adrianna Pedestal 3 Bunching Table

Adrianna Pedestal 3 Bunching TableView in gallery

What if, instead of one regular coffee table, you had three-cylinder tables that can be arranged any way you want? This set of three barrel-shaped tables are made from metal and have that distressed look that you want to go for whenever you’re looking for more Boho elements to add to the room. The small table measures 16” H x 14” L x 14” W, the medium-sized one is 18” H x 16” L x 16” W, and the large one is 21” H x 18” L x 18” W.

Coraline Gray-Washed Decorative Carved Wood Coffee Table

Coraline Gray-Washed Decorative Carved Wood Coffee TableView in gallery

While unconventional, the Boho style does allow you to opt for some pieces that seem rather elegant, and the intricacy in details on the Coraline table make it a suitable candidate for the Bohemian furniture category. Measuring 18″ H x 33″ W x 33″ L, this could primarily be considered as a candidate for the country cottage theme, but it works well in a Boho setup because of its eclectic style. Crafted in India, this table is made from solid Monterey pine wood and comes with a pale gray-washed finish.

Cross Legs Coffee Table

Cross Legs Coffee TableView in gallery

One could argue that we saved the best for last, since this coffee table has all the elements that you’d expect to see in a Boho-style coffee table. The intricate tabletop has a mandala-carved design that works well in vintage and Boho-style room decors. Made from solid wood and featuring a brass tabletop, this gives a special appeal to the sitting area, and all that’s left to do is choose some floor pillows and make an ibrik or Turkish coffee.

In Conclusion

When it comes to decorating in the Boho style, you can rarely go wrong. That’s because it is a style that’s so personal, it’s difficult for someone to tell you “you did it wrong”. It’s important to remember that, even if this is a rule-breaking style, there are still a few things that are more Boho than others, so keep in mind the tips that we talked about today and, probably the most important thing, remember to use furniture and decor items that tell a story.