Time to give your bathroom wall a modern update with the York tile collection

The bathroom is one of those spaces where, if you want to add a modern touch or some style you can’t rely on decorative elements but you have to be more practical. For example, you could change the tiles on the walls and floor. Replace your old ones with your favorite ones from the York collection by NovaBell.

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The collection offers a selection of black and white tiles with elegant patterns and textures. The ceramic tiles come in three main types: Skin, Deco and Slide and the company also offers a large selection of decorative elements you can use to draw more attention to the walls or floor. The choice of colors suits the collection beautifully.

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Black and white, used separately or as a combo, are very elegant, classical, simple and chic and look great in any décor regardless of the style. These colors are particularly appreciated in modern and contemporary interiors where the accents is on shape, texture, form and not on color, although this is not always the case. These two simple colors offer numerous possibilities you can have fun exploring. So how would you use this collection?