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Top Reasons Why You Should Get A Solar Gate Opener Today

A solar gate opener relies on energy provided by the sun. As a renewable energy device, it helps you save money because it doesn’t require electricity. Homeowners in rural locations like solar gate openers as they safeguard against blackouts and power outages.  

Solar Gate Opener

While the devices come with benefits, there are things you should be aware of before installing one. To help you find the best solar gate opener, we’ve created a guide for you to follow. We’ve also included a list of the Top 5 solar gate openers on the market today.

Benefits Of Solar Gate Openers

Benefits Of Solar Gate Openers

To learn more about solar gate openers let’s review their key benefits.  


A solar gate opener is cost-efficient. Because it runs on energy gathered from the sun, your monthly electricity bill won’t be as high. Solar-powered gates have become more affordable over the years. The cost to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) panels are lower than ten years ago. 

Eco Friendly

Solar power gates are eco-friendly. After you install one, you reduce your impact on the environment. Electricity is powered by coal or nuclear power, which aren’t clean energy sources. Because solar energy is a clean energy source, a solar gate opener reduces your carbon footprint.

Easy Installation

With a solar power gate opener, you don’t have to worry about heavy duty gear assembly. Models that have dual swing gates are also straightforward to install. Electric gate openers require more maintenance to install. For example, you’ll need to run cables underground or hire an electrician to install them.

Power Outage Protection

With a solar powered gate, you won’t have to worry about a power outage. During bad weather, the solar gate will operate with ease. Whereas an electric gate could short circuit during inclement weather conditions. 

Top 5 Solar Gate Openers

Here are the five best solar-powered gate openers on the market today.

Ghost Solar Gate Opener Kit With Swing Gates

Solar Sliding Gate Opener Heavy Duty Automatic Slide Gate Motor Up to 920 Pounds and 40 ft

This easy to install solar gate opener comes with everything you need. It’s meant for single vehicular swing gates, and also comes with a 10W solar panel. You’ll also get an 18 month warranty on motor and gear assembly.

You’ll need to purchase a 12 volt battery separately. Necessary installation hardware and fasteners are included and can be easily installed with available tools. Other great features of this solar gate opener include tube brackets that make it easy to install, a three-button remote transmitter that can reach up to 1,000 feet, and a GhostCode feature that’ll keep your system safe and secure from hackers. 


  • 18 month warranty
  • Installation hardware and fasteners included
  • Three-button remote control


  • Battery sold separately 

Automatic Sliding Solar Gate Opener Kit

Solar Sliding Gate Opener Heavy Duty Automatic Slide Gate Motor Up to 920 Pounds and 40 ft

This powerful solar gate opener comes with a strong motor that has low power consumption. It’s specially designed for heavy-duty sliding gates that weigh up to a maximum of 1,600 pounds in weight, and 40 inches in length. You can choose to power this particular gate by either the AC source or through the solar panel.

You can use it for all types of sliding gates, from steel to wood, chain-link, and more. Installation is easy, and you can do it with regular tools without extra welding or high-voltage electricity. You’ll get all the instructions with your purchase along with full mounting hardware.


  • Strong motor with low power consumption
  • Designed for heavy-duty sliding gates
  • 12 month warranty


  • Remote needs to be installed close to the gate

Automatic Gate Opener Kit For Swing Gates 

Solar Sliding Gate Opener Heavy Duty Automatic Slide Gate Motor Up to 920 Pounds and 40 ft

This solar gate opener is ideal for solar swing-type gates. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require professional help. A limited lifetime warranty is included. The gate is optimized for tube gates.

It works well for any dual swing gate up to 24 feet, and you might have to purchase additional components such as a push-to-open bracket kit depending on the type of gate that you have. You’ll also get a 10W solar panel along with your purchase, tube brackets, and a three-button remote transmitter. 


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Works well with dual swing gates up to 24 feet
  • Works well in various weather conditions


  • You may have to purchase other components depending on the gate that you have and your needs

Light Duty Solar Single Gate Operator 

Solar Sliding Gate Opener Heavy Duty Automatic Slide Gate Motor Up to 920 Pounds and 40 ft

This kit comes with a 24V DC motor with low power consumption. The solar gate opener is ideal for light-duty single swing gates with a maximum length of 12 feet and a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The extendable swing arm is made of aluminum material and is long-lasting and perfect for lightweight gates.

You can use this single gate opener for all types of single swing gates made with different materials from steel to wood and vinyl. Your purchase also comes with instructions, so installation will only take a couple of hours.  


  • Great for light-duty single swing gates
  • Durable aluminum
  • Comes with instructions for easy installation
  • Release key works in long distance


  • Low performance in cold weather

Heavy Duty Automatic Slide Gate Motor 

Solar Sliding Gate Opener Heavy Duty Automatic Slide Gate Motor Up to 920 Pounds and 40 ft

This solar gate opener comes with a 180-watt motor designed for heavy-duty sliding gates that have a maximum length of 40 feet, and a weight of 920 pounds.

The solar-powered gate opener can connect to your AC source or by the control panel. The motor is made of pure copper wire. The kit includes a 30W monocrystalline solar panel. This solar gate opener also has an adjustable self-close time feature in 30-second intervals.

Also included is a remote control gate opener, solar panel, solar controller, remote control transmitter, base plate, emergency release key, a full set of required installation hardware, a warning sign, and a detailed installation manual. Depending on the gate’s length, it’ll open and close between 20 to 60 seconds, and it can operate in bad weather conditions.


  • Comes with a 180W motor
  • Great for heavy duty sliding gates
  • Works in a variety of weather conditions


  • You’ll have to purchase your own power supply cord and battery

Features Of Solar Gate Openers 

There are a few things to consider when purchasing solar gate openers. The first is capacity.

Solar gate openers fall into three categories –  light, medium, and heavy-duty. You’d need to know the capacity you need and make sure that the gate opener you’ve selected can handle your gate’s length or weight. 

You want to think about the type of gate opener you’d want. There are usually four different types – single swing, dual swing, single slide, and dual slide. Some kits, for example, may include batteries and remote controls. While you can buy the components separately, it’s convenient to have all of them in the same kit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Long Do Solar Gate Batteries Last?

Automatic solar gate batteries have an average life span of three to five years.  

Can I Use A Car Battery For My Gate Opener?

It is a 12 volt, 12 amp/hour battery, which will be suitable for a wide range of gate openers. 

How Do You Charge A Gate Battery?

The gate’s motor is powered by a gate motor battery. The battery can be charged by connecting it to the mains via the gate controller charging system or a solar panel power system. If you have access to the main power supply, this is a viable power source for your gate motor system.

Can I Use A Marine Battery For A Gate Opener?

You can use a 12 volt automotive or deep cycle marine battery and a weatherproof case for the battery.

Can Solar Panel Run Appliances?

You can attach solar panels to appliances that aren’t DC-rated. Remember, raw output can damage appliances. Solar panels collect and produce alternate currents for appliances and other household electronics. 

Solar Gate Opener Conclusion

If you live in a rural area or in a place where power outages are common, you should have a solar power gate opener. A solar powered swing gate comes with a detailed installation manual, so they’re not hard to install. The gate’s gear assembly or mounting hardware isn’t complicated.

Solar gate openers work best in low rainfall climates. The solar panels rely on sunlight, making them difficult to charge during cloudy weather.