A Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here and it brought with it the clean sunny sky and the charming trill of the birds. But don’t rush outside just yet. Your home needs to get ready for this beautiful new season too. Some areas of the house often get neglected, the bathroom in particular. So here’s a checklist to help you make the transition a bit easier.

Empty the room

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It’s best to first take everything out of the bathroom before you start spring cleaning. This means emptying the cupboards and removing everything from the vanity, shelves and everywhere else.

Clean the vents and fans

Carefully remove the vent and fan covers and wash them in soapy water wipe down the fan blades and put the covers back together.

Clean the tub, toilet and sink

Apply a cleaning solution to the shower, tub, sink and toilet and let it sit for a while. Continue your work and then return to scrub and clean these areas.

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Wipe down the cabinets and storage areas

Make sure you thoroughly clean both the inside and the outside of your bathroom cabinets as well as all the shelves and other storage areas in the room.

Wash the shower curtain and the rugs

Take down your shower curtain and clean it. You may be able to put it in the washing machine but keep in mind that it might get damaged so read the label first or check out some cleaning tips. Clean the bathroom rugs and mats as well.

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Clean the ceiling

The ceiling often gets forgotten. But when you’ll be sitting in the tub relaxing you’ll be facing this part of the room so clean in, dust the corners and take care of any mold-related problems if there are any.

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Sweep the floor

After you’ve cleaned all the cabinets, and everything else in the room, it’s time to sweep and mop the floor. You can mix half a cup of baking soda with some warm water to make it sparkle or add some lemon juice for a nice scent.

Polish the mirror

Now it’s time to take care of the little things. Polish the mirror and make it sparkle and take a look at your toilet paper holder, towel racks and all the other shiny details in the room.

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Return items where they belong

Start putting back everything you’ve taken out. Return your shampoo bottles and lotions on the shelves, get fresh towels and put everything else in the cabinets.

Add new soaps and air fresheners

Replace the soaps with new ones and put new air fresheners in the bathroom. It will change the whole ambiance, giving the room a fresh vibe, just what it needs this spring.