13 Ways To Design A Cool Accent Wall For Your Living Room

The living room is a space that needs an accent wall or some other sort of focal point because otherwise it’s just too monotonous. Today we’re exploring 13 different accent wall ideas with some really cool and original designs. Any one of them could transform your living room decor from bland to memorable. These accent walls are designed to add character to the living room and they seem to be doing a pretty good job at it.

Palechek Mirror Wall Art - Accent Wall

Decorate one of the walls in your living room with a mirror. That doesn’t really sound very exciting when you think about it but the point of this accent wall is actually to make the frame the focal point of the room, not the mirror. sAny eye-catching frame would be good for that. Perhaps you could choose a sunburst mirror design or something sculptural or highly detailed.

Metallic shelves above the sofa

Another idea that’s very simple at its core is to decorate one of the living room walls with shelves but not just any type of shelves. Think of wall shelves that have unusual shapes, unusual proportions or that stand out in some other way. These circular ones are a pretty good example.

Plates and bowls on the wall to create an accent design

Paint one of the walls in the living room in a special color and then decorate it with a mixture of items such as plates, planters and even some accent shelves. Create a decorative installation and use different nuances of the same color to make the design cohesive.

Accent wall - love sign art

Artwork is an cool idea too and there are many different possibilities in this case. It’s not just fancy or famous paintings that deserve to go up on the wall. Anything that provokes an emotion could work, like this “love” piece made of reclaimed wood.

Colorful Celebrity Jay Z poster on wall

Speaking of paintings, here’s an interesting one that you might like. Pop culture references could be a cool way of making a contemporary living room look trendy. In this particular case there’s something else that’s interesting: the actual accent wall on which this painting is displayed which is in fact a curtain.

Framed different pictures with flowers leafs

You can basically frame anything if you like it and you want to display it on the wall of your home. A cool suggestion is to pick a theme and go with it. For example, you could create a botanical-themed accent wall with framed images of various different plants or actual dried plants.

Abstract framed wall art

Abstract artwork is cool because there are many different ways to interpret it and because it doesn’t send a clear message but rather a feeling. In that sense, you could create an accent wall decorated with various different framed pieces that look similar but at the same time are each unique in their own different way. You could arrange them in a grid to create a gallery wall display.

Mbare Large wall ar in black and white

Oversized artwork is another cool option. It can be a painting, a picture or even a mural. Think of designs that send a powerful message and have a striking visual impact. How about a black and white piece?

Hats Framed Wall Art

For this accent wall we only have one word: hats. That’s right…you can decorate a wall with hats and it can look pretty awesome. Similarly, you could decorate a wall with repurposed umbrellas.

Palechek Mirror Wall Art - Accent Wall

Speaking of repurposed items, that can actually be the theme of your living room accent wall. A lot of things can be repurposed into wall ornaments, including a helicopter rotor, the blades of a fan, boat paddles or even a kayak.

Palechek Mirror Wall Art - Accent Wall

A piece of artwork can send a powerful message in a lot of different ways and they don’t all have to do strictly with its design. You can actually turn any boring piece of art into a focal point for your living room if you display it in a funky manner (upside down for example).

Palechek Mirror Wall Art - Accent Wall

Decorating an accent wall with pieces of driftwood, twigs or wood in general in a nice strategy for making the room feel warm, welcoming and cozy. At the same time, the result can end up looking sophisticated and stylish.

Palechek Mirror Wall Art - Accent Wall

We’ve come full circle and we’ll end this article with another mirror-related idea. Check out this cool mirror. It has a stylish frame made of layers of wooden beads. It creates a beautiful shadow effect on the wall when the light touches it.