A Form Fitting Function Wall Space

When you choose a hotel room, the only thing that you want and search is the fact that it has everything it needs to assure you the minimal form of comfort. You would like to find a bathroom, a nice bed and a relaxing atmosphere. Then maybe you become preoccupied by other things like: a nice view, a room service or a beautiful interior.

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This hotel room has a special and interesting interior. It has an interior wall space with niches for every object in the room or for those which you brought with you.It has two advantages. The hotel room gets a special interior design and at the same time it is useful too. Each object has its own place which imitates its own shape. The other advantage is that, there are not used some other pieces of furniture which could occupy a lot of space in the room.So, you can enjoy a spacious room which has an ingenious and special design that proved to be useful too.{via dornob}

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