A Beautiful Play Of Black And White Patterns Complemented By Bursts Of Yellow

By now you’ve probably noticed that we have a special place in our hearts for black and white interiors. Of course, a space needs more than just these colors in order to be beautiful. Yet it’s easy to come up with a stylish combination when you work with such timeless elegance.So here we are with yet another beautiful apartment that has an interior based on the same two neutrals. This lovely Swedish study is quite small and this is one of the reasons why this combination of colors suits it so well. The white walls make any space seem larger and, in this case, they create a very nice and clean background for all the other décor elements.

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The interior of this place seems very light and it also looks airy despite its small dimensions. But the white walls aren’t the only ones that add brightness to the rooms. The large windows let in lots of natural light which is very important in the case of any home. To maintain the light and airy atmosphere, the furniture chosen for this study is sleek and doesn’t feature any massive and robust details.

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The living room, for example, has a very nice sofa complemented by a casual coffee table which most likely also has hidden storage inside. The furniture, in general, is simple and with a vintage flair. The living room also incorporates a small work space with a small white desk placed against the wall and a black chair to complement it.

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The living room is, in fact, a multipurpose room. In features a niche which is actually the bedroom. Well, it only has a bed and a nightstand but it’s a nice combination for a single person. The kitchen is a separate room that shares the same simple décor as the rest of this place. It has white cabinets and black and white checkerboard floor.{found on Stadshem}.