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7 Best Privacy Fence Panels for Creating Intimity in Your Yard

Privacy fence panels are becoming an increasingly popular option for outdoor areas and it’s not hard to see why. During the summer especially, it’s normal to want to spend a good amount of time in your backyard relaxing and soaking up the rays. Even if you’ve got a gorgeous outdoor setting and a perfectly manicured lawn however, nothing beats a private area for you to enjoy in.

When it comes to privacy fence panels, there are a plethora of options out there and it can be overwhelming to pick the fence panel that’s best for you. To start, we’ve curated a list of 7 of the best privacy fence panels. Before we delve into each of these items, we’ve also put together a comprehensive guide that’ll talk about the benefits of getting privacy fence panels, and what you should look for when purchasing them.

Benefits of Privacy Fence Panels 

One of the most obvious benefits is that you’ll have privacy. Since backyards are used for a wide variety of purposes from family get-togethers to BBQs, you’ll want to have a little space of solace. There’s no point in having an outdoor space if you’re just going to be gawked at by passer-bys or deal with noisy neighbors.

The next benefit is its aesthetic appeal. That’s right, privacy fence panels can actually help in improving the overall aesthetics of your garden and a strategically placed screen can even be a standout piece in your backyard. Since privacy fence panels come in such a wide variety of designs, you won’t have to limit yourself to starting at a poorly constructed fence or concrete wall, instead you’ll have the opportunity to find the perfect privacy fence panel that’ll complement your decor.

Privacy fence panels can also help with an increased circulation of fresh air in your outdoor space. Most of them are well-ventilated so you’ll still be able to maintain a great flow of fresh air that most of us love about the outdoors. These panels are also usually great at reducing the amount of UV light and heat – making it a great addition during the summer.

Another great benefit of these privacy fence panels is that they’re easy to maintain and are generally cost-effective. Investing in a privacy fence panel is much more affordable than installing a full wall or fence, and if you opt for a high-quality material, they’re also long-lasting and sturdy.

Pros and Cons


  • Wide variety. Since there are such a plethora of privacy fence panel designs, you’re sure to be able to find one that suits your needs best.
  • Privacy. With these fence panels, you’ll be able to get the privacy you deserve and be able to relax and enjoy your time outside.
  • Easy to maintain and long-lasting. Privacy fence panels are quite sturdy (depending on the material you select) and are not difficult to maintain.
  • Cost-effective. Privacy fence panels are much more affordable than having to install an entire wall or fence.


  • Overwhelming. With so many privacy fence panels and materials available on the market, you may not know where to start or what you need.
  • Can be flimsy. Depending on the material you choose, some of the privacy fence panels can be flimsy.

What to Look for?

There are a few things you’d need to consider when it comes to privacy fence panels. First up, you’d want to think about the number of panels and posts required. If you’d want a fence that’s about 48 feet long for example, you’ll need to get at least eight panels.

Then, you’ll have to think about the type of post. Do you want a strong and durable concrete post or a gorgeous looking wooden post? Your fence is usually as good as your post, so that’s something you’d have to take into consideration.

When it comes to the best fence to choose, you should try not to opt for those that are overly inexpensive as they’re not going to be sturdy enough to last. In terms of aesthetic however, it really depends on your taste and the current style of your garden. If privacy is a reason why you’re getting a fence panel however, you shouldn’t be purchasing one that has too many holes.

In terms of materials, there are quite a few to consider. Concrete usually lasts the longest, and while it’s not the most aesthetically appealing, you can always paint over it. Wood such as softwood timber would need to be pressure treated but can last between 10 to 20 years. A great material for privacy fence panels is aluminum as it’s low-maintenance, durable and resistant to corrosion PVC privacy fence panels have also recently grown in popularity as there’s no rusting, it reduces noise, and it’s both easy to maintain and longer-lasting.

Top 7 Best Privacy Fence Panels

Evolver Fence Panel

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This Evolver Fence Panel Kit comes with everything you need to set up a horizontal composite fence panel in your home. It comes with a matte black powder coat finish and is both lightweight and durable. Upon your purchase, you’ll get four composite boards, a rail kit, a mounted baseline post and an octagonal line post kit.

The composite board comes in both a gray or a brown finish, while the rail kit comes with top and bottom rails for the fence panel that’s made with powder-coated aluminum alloy. The baseline post is made with metal material, with mounting fence posts for decks or concrete. The line post kit also has built-in channels that will help with easy sliding board assembly. This is a kit that you should purchase if you’re looking for a complete set to install some sturdy privacy fence panels in your home.

Hamden Vinyl Fence Panel

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This privacy fence panel will help transform your backyard into a personal peaceful sanctuary. Made with vinyl, the panel is both weather and UV-resistant. While installation is required, the fence has a special interlocking technology that helps ensure that all boards lock tightly without any gaps.

It comes with limited warranty – so you know that you’re covered if anything happens to your fence panel, and it’s sure to give you the privacy that you require. Upon your purchase, you’ll get one piece of the fence panel along with complimentary shipping. Its minimalist white design will also fit seamlessly with any outdoor decor.

Artificial Hedge Plant Polyethylene Fence Panel

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This privacy fence panel is perfect if you’re looking to add a touch of greenery to your outdoor space. This fence panel is realistic looking and is both UV-proof and weatherproof – great for withstanding the elements. Your purchase also comes with seven boxes of artificial plant panels – with each box containing 12 pieces of the panel.

The plant panels are lightweight and made of strong and durable high-density polyethylene that’s soft to the touch, eco-friendly, recyclable, and doesn’t release any toxic chemicals. These panels are also easy to install, and you can attach to any wood frame or chain link fence with ease. Great for privacy, it’ll enhance your outdoor aesthetic and transform any backyard, patio, yard and more.

Framed Decorative Composite Fencing

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To add a touch of an island feel to your backyard, you’d want to purchase these privacy fence panels. They’re great for adding design and will also provide you with privacy or hiding items or certain views. It comes with a gorgeous and sturdy frame that’s made with sustainable wood poly composite for a natural timber look and feel.

It’s ready to use, and there’s no sealing, painting or maintenance required – so installation is a breeze. You can use it to conceal pool or air conditioning equipment, and with minimal expansion and contraction it’s suitable for all climates. This fence panel is also versatile, and you can mount it on gates, walls, and free-standing frames.

Metal Fence Panel

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For something incredibly sturdy you can opt for this gabion wall that’s great for both residential and commercial design. You can fill it with either rocks or gravel depending on the aesthetic that you prefer. It’s rustproof and made of weather-resistant galvanized steel so it’ll effectively help to keep out the wind, rain and more.

The mesh grid is constructed by welding wires at every single intersection for fantastic durability. If you’d like, you can also buy more models and place them next to each other to build walls. Best of all, this gabion wall is easy to assemble and it’s a great purchase if you’re looking for something that’s long-lasting and durable.

Zippity Outdoor Products Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen

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This vinyl privacy screen is a great addition to any backyard or patio. It’s maintenance-free, sturdy, and is easy to install – all you need to do is snap and lock the panels together with minimal screws required. Ground stakes are provided upon your purchase for installation, and you don’t have to dig deep holes, pour concrete or tear up your yard.

Those that have purchased it mentioned that the panel only took about 5 minutes to put together, and it looks great. Just a note however, that it doesn’t reduce noise as it isn’t a noise barrier. It’s also of a great height and is crafted with premium PVC vinyl that’s both rust and weather-resistant.

MORCOE Retractable Double Folding Awning Privacy Screen

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Last on the list is this incredible privacy screen wall post that’s made with high-quality fabric along with a PU coating, galvanized steel frame and aluminum roller. By installing this fence panel, you’ll be protected from harmful UV sunlight, and it can be used in light rain with no problems.

This panel is designed to be wall-mounted, and you can even use it as a temporary projection screen. It comes with a child-proof handle, and you can easily roll it up and stow it away for future use. Those that have purchased it love how they can bring it around with them and use it whenever they require a bit of privacy. They also mentioned that it’s easy to install, can handle wind, and comes at a perfect height.

The Bottom Line 

Privacy fence panels can definitely give you a sense of comfort and privacy that a regular fence just can’t. If you live in a populated neighborhood and wish to shield your yard from neighbors, then consider investing in panels like these. We’ve included something for everyone on this list, we hope you find what you’re looking for!