63 Contemporary Bathroom Ideas For A Soothing Experience

The contemporary style is more difficult to describe than others simply because it’s a style that contains everything that’s unusual, unconventional and new. Of course, there are a few elements that let you distinguish it such as the minimalism, the clean lines, geometric shapes and the use of vibrant colors. But there are so many other things that you can’t put your finger on until you actually see them.

White bathrooms.

Factory Jaffa Bathroom MinimalistView in gallery
The contrast between the shape and color of the glass door and mirror frames is strong yet subtle

308 Mulberry bathroomView in gallery
A classical black and white combo was chosen for this bathroom
A Penthouse Duplex on Gramercy bathroomView in gallery
Because this bathroom is quite small, the bright color palette suits it well
A Penthouse Duplex on Gramercy Park BathroomView in gallery
The green plants add a very nice freshness to the room
Linhares Dias House Contemporary bathroomView in gallery
To avoid making the room feel cold and impersonal, wooden furniture was used for contrast
Poetic Apartment BathroomView in gallery
A suitable combination of white walls, white furniture and fixtures, glass doors and large mirrors
Queens white bathroomView in gallery
The color and texture of the tiled floor is a welcomed detail in an all-white spaces
Shantih white bathroom modernView in gallery
The transparent glass shower gives the room a more open feel
Beam Block House bathroom floorView in gallery
A bathroom with a bright color palette but which doesn’t lack contrasts
The House With View of the Future bathroomView in gallery
Although long and very narrow, this bathroom doesn’t seem that cramped
Bemmel Residence bathroom lights on ceilingView in gallery
The monotony of a white bathroom is broken by the black details
Wadia Residence bathroomView in gallery
An all-white bathroom with a very bright and crisp interior
The Double J bathroomView in gallery
The large window in combination with the mirrors gives the bathroom a very open feel
Villa Nilsson bathroomView in gallery
The warm lighting and the wooden furniture give the room a serene look
Westboro bathroom whiteView in gallery
White bathrooms often feature glass showers for cohesiveness throughout
A Holiday Home in Mallorca bathroomView in gallery
White is actually one of two main colors in this case and they are clearly delimitated
Foxground Farmhouse bathroomView in gallery
A very simple and airy bathroom with direct accents to the beautiful outdoors
Bemmel Residence bathroom lights on ceiling1View in gallery
White as a main color is also complemented by strong black and brown accents
Wind Vault House bathroomView in gallery
The transparent shower lets you see the room as an undivided whole

White is a color often used in bathrooms because it gives the room a very clean look. It’s also a color perfect for small bathrooms because it makes them seem brighter and bigger. Most often, white contemporary bathrooms also have a contrasting feature.

Bold accent colors.

Coopers Beach House Bold bathtubView in gallery
The orange tub bursts with color which allows its more classical design to integrate well here
BT House pink stoolView in gallery
The pink accent piece shifts the attention from the black and white combination
Foxground Farmhouse orange bathroomView in gallery
Orange is also the accent color in this case and it covers an entire wall
Modern Pop Art Interior bathroomView in gallery
A vibrant but harmonious combination of colors complemented by white details
Cozy Apartment blue bathroomView in gallery
Blue is a cold but beautiful color and it makes the contrast with the browns quite strong
QT Gold Coast yellow bathroomView in gallery
Yellow is a cheerful color and it really brightens up this space
Dubrovka Apartment bathroomView in gallery
A slow and subtle transition from dark ochre to olive and then green
Beautiful wall bathroomView in gallery
An accent wall featuring an abstract and interesting choice of colors
Sky Penthouse bathroomView in gallery
The color is given here by the lighting and the black background is quite mysterious itself
Bathroom carpet boldView in gallery
Color can easily be introduced through accessories like a mat or rug

It’s common for modern and contemporary spaces in general to have a strong and vibrant accent color palette. In the case of the bathroom, color usually comes in the form of accessory and sometimes fixtures and furniture can also be infused with color.

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Wooden bathrooms.

Departamento Polanco bathroomView in gallery
All the wood in here makes the room feel very warm and inviting
Apartment Anatole France industrial styleView in gallery
The almost perfectly parallel lines in the wood grain match the simplistic design of the furniture
Sunny Side House bathroomView in gallery
The wood makes this small bathroom feel very cozy and the mirrors add depth
Amanoi decorView in gallery
The shape of the roof was basically asking here for a warm décor and color palette
Wind Vault House bathroom1View in gallery
The wooden furniture is the focal point but the texture and color of the room lets in blend in
Casa Condominio II bathroomView in gallery
By bringing wooden furniture into the bathroom you make the space seem more familiar
Casa MoRobathroom1View in gallery
The wall color is a strange but warm shade that combined nicely with the wood
Casa MoRo bathroomView in gallery
An earthy décor and atmosphere were chosen for this minimalist bathroom
Round bathtubView in gallery
The warm texture and color of the walls are continued in the form of wooden flooring
Z House bathroomView in gallery
Although tiny, this bathroom tricks the eye with the mirrored wall
Modern bathroom sinkView in gallery
The wooden floor is the element that maintains cohesiveness throughout the home
Bath Crashers Remodel bathroomView in gallery
To emphasize the natural beauty of the wood, tree branches were painted on the wall
TLV Get Away 27View in gallery
An unusual combination of materials and a wall covered with reclaimed wood
Green house k2ld bathroomView in gallery
The wood in combination with the stone green accents create a spa-like décor
Concrete bathroomView in gallery
The wood-paneled walls give this bathroom a cozy and elegant look
Clifton Hill House bathroomView in gallery
Although wood is just an accent here, it’s enough to make the room seem warm and welcoming
Water patio housebathroomView in gallery
Wood was used here for stylish as well as for practical reasons
Westgate Residence decorView in gallery
The walls and floor mimic natural stone and they look great in combination with wood

Wood used to be one of the few materials that weren’t used in the bathroom because of the moisture in the room. But lately this isn’t a problem anymore. Now wood can easily be integrated in this room and it’s a very elegant choice.

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Open bathrooms.

Open bathroom designView in gallery
Visually, there are no separators between the bathroom and the rest of the space besides the curtain
One Only The Palm bathroomView in gallery
The bathroom and the bedroom are completely fused together when the sliding door is open
Chemin Bord du Lac bathroomView in gallery
A very interesting location for the bathroom and privacy is not really a problem
Hiding place decorView in gallery
A bathroom with glass walls that seem to lead directly outdoors
GENETS bathroomView in gallery
The views from the bathroom are just amazing and very relaxing
Lower Foxtail Residence bathroomView in gallery
The bathroom and the dressing area one and the same, visually linked by the mirror
Stunning Estate on Sunset Strip bathroomView in gallery
A bathroom with beautiful and panoramic views on two sides
Penthouse Residence bathroomView in gallery
Glass separators are often used for the bathroom/bedroom is contemporary homes
Bathroom modern openView in gallery
This bathroom is not only open towards the rest of the space but it also has the clear sky above it
Vandeborne bedroom bathroom1View in gallery
The transition between the bedroom and the bathroom is seamless

Sometimes the bathroom becomes a part of an open space, usually in combination with the bedroom. It’s a layout typical to some of the more modern or contemporary spaces. Privacy tends to become an issue and it’s why this style is not more popular.

Picture sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Grey accents.

The Summit grey bathroom1View in gallery
Although white and grey are both cold shades, the bathroom seems very inviting
Kew House wood bathroomView in gallery
Grey was chosen here for the tiled floor as well as for one of the walls
POD Boutique Hotel grey bathroomView in gallery
A bathroom with an industrial touch softened by the smooth lines and wooden details
Bass Ensemble 08View in gallery
Grey is displayed here in a variety of shades and textures and it looks very chic
Concrete grey bathroomView in gallery
Clean, straight lines combined with concrete elements and wooden flooring
Grey bathroom modernView in gallery
Grey was chosen for this particular part of the bathroom and it blends in perfectly

Grey is a color very popular in contemporary interior décor. It’s often perceived as a neutral and it tends to have a cold feel. It’s also a shade often seen in industrial spaces, specifically in the case of the ones with concrete floors or walls.