Combining Tradition with Modernity

Something old and something new? It’s not always easy to combine a modern, trendy home with traditional aspects. Here are tips on how to strike the perfect balance.

Bring in Antiques.

Modern stairs for living
Vintage Lighting Creates a Traditional Glow

When set against a modern background, antiques can be a lovely traditional addition to a room and they provide personality. However, don’t go overboard by using too many antique pieces as this can have a less powerful effect.

Don’t go 50/50.

Modern stairs for living
An Eclectic Mix is Pretty Without Being Too Rigid

Blending modern and traditional décor doesn’t mean you should try to incorporate equal amounts of both styles. This can end up making the room look cluttered or unfocused. Pick one dominant style and use smaller pieces of décor to bring in the second style.

Dominant Modern Style.

Modern stairs for living
Light Colors and Painted Shelves Fix the Modern Look

If you are choosing to use the modern style of décor as your main look for the room, use clean and sleek lines. Focus items of the room, such as tables, chairs and sofas can be trendy and modern. This room will then be the perfect foundation to bring in a bit of character with a small item, such as a traditional statue or vintage-styled upholstery.

When Old School Rules.

Modern stairs for living
Traditional Upholstery Contains Modern Frills

If you want a traditional décor plan for the room, then focus on bringing in some essential items. These include the use of wood (such as in flooring and/or cabinets in the kitchen), ensuring that everything works together in the room, and focusing on classic as well as calm pieces. Nothing looks out of place in a traditional design. This is why adding a modern item or two can bring it to life. The use of modern lighting fixtures or a bright piece of furniture could update a traditional home with its vibrancy.

Create the Perfect Canvas.

Modern stairs for living
Neutral, Warm Tones Blend with Both Looks

It can feel overwhelming to know where to start with designing a traditional-modern room, so create the right background. This means using neutral colors on the walls, ceilings, and flooring. The beauty of a neutral palette is that it can work well to create warmth in a traditional setting, while offering pristine lines for a more modern look. When you add your modern and traditional décor accessories and furniture, they will both match the background.

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