37 Outdoor Beds That Offer Pleasure, Comfort And Style

When the weather is friendly, the sun is up in the sky and your day is wide open, what could be more pleasant than relaxing outside? Of course, having a bed there would also help. The beds that you see on porches or in gardens are different from the ones we use in our homes. First of all, they have to be made from special materials in order to withstand the conditions.

Outdoor beds backyard
Designed as an outdoor bed, this piece provides three individual seats

Outdoor beds need to be waterproof and, if they’re not, then they need to be kept in protected areas. They also have to be resistant to sun and to other elements. But the thing that all bed types have in common is the fact that they’re designed to be comfortable. They have cozy upholstery and they are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Fence backyard bed
The simple and modern design of this bed gives you the possibility to also add curtains
Modern swiming pool beds
Contemporary poolside décor with matching beds and chaise longues
Pergola beds pool1
Refined, luxurious and very comfortable, these poolside beds are dreamy
Outdoor sun beds
Although not that practical, poolside daybeds are irresistible
Sunken beds
A very inviting and comfortable patio, conveniently placed by the pool
Backyard corner bed
This bed has a special place in the corner of the patio
Amazing outdoor bed view
This bed takes you close to the ocean, floating above water
Modern balcony beds
If you have the space you should definitely consider adding a bed to your balcony or terrace
Contemporary beds
These modern daybeds impress with their bold design and with the comfort they offer

Porch hanging bed

Porch hanging beds
Modern porch featuring a daybed suspended by the roof
Balcony porch bed
Expandable outdoor beds can offer you the extra comfort you need
Rooftop porch beds
Rooftop terraces provide splendid views which you can admire from a comfy bed
Cool rooftop beds
You don’t need a tall building in order to have a beautiful rooftop deck
Pergola hanging bed
You can have a hanging bed on a covered porch or patio where there’s also shade
Jacuzzi rooftop
Luxurious Mediterranean rooftop terrace with Jacuzzi and elegant baldachin beds
Porch modern love
A hanging sunbed can also be an interesting addition to a terrace
Bbq area sunbeds
Very versatile, hanging beds can look good on both traditional and modern porches
Rooftop sun bed
Although a little more difficult to install, hanging beds can also be found on rooftop decks
Outdoor furniture from dedon
The poles provide a frame for the fabric to sit on in order to offer you shade
Lit a baldaquin de jardin contemporain
A modern outdoor bed that also has curtains in case you want some privacy
Javanese outdoor sun bed lounge1
An elegant outdoor sunbed with an umbrella roof and curtains
Rattan outdoor bed
Such a bed would be an imposing addition to a patio or even to a garden
Lake bed
Designed to be elegant and beautiful, canopy beds can take many forms
Bamboo bed like bali
To really take advantage of the surrounding nature, place your bed in the garden
Canopy outdoor bed
Most outdoor beds have adjustable designs that allow you to use in different situations
Porch bed
A simple daybed like this one could look nice on a covered patio
Swiming pool beds
Poolside sunbeds are simply dreamy and luxurious
Cool hanging bed
A more unusual type of outdoor bed with a hammock sustained by wooden poles
Beds traditional rustic
Add comfort to your outdoor porch with a simple daybed
Modern outdoor bed
The screens that form the frame for this bed are mainly decorative
Maldive bed
Few things are more romantic than a baldachin outdoor bed overlooking nature
Beach side0bed
Beds made from natural materials tend to look better when placed outdoors
Hanging tree bed
The garden can also be a perfect place for installing a hanging bed
Tent hanging
Kids definitely like hanging beds so maybe you could find one with an appropriate design
Hanging bed
A hanging bed can be as fun as a hammock with a little more comfort

Most often, outdoor beds have a special kind of design for their frame and they feature poles meant to sustain canopies, curtains and other structures designed to provide shade during summer. There’s also another distinct characteristic that defines outdoor beds. They also feature a color palette based on bright shades and bold colors. That’s because the neutral shades we often choose for our indoor furniture won’t match the outdoor décor and will only make the beds look out of place.

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