15 Home Renovation Projects You Should Never Attempt To Do It Yourself

You all know that we love DIY projects and we always try to bring out the originality and uniqueness of each one. But there are certain things you should never try to do yourself. Some projects are better left to a professional. Not everyone might agree at first but they all change their minds once they fail once or twice. Don’t be one of them and listen to our advice. Here are the projects we were talking about:

DIY electrical work.

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Just because you know how to change a fuse doesn’t mean that you can repair any other electrical issues in your house. As you know, any mistake can be deadly and you’ll never impress anyone as a stiff. Admit that some things are better left to professionals. After all, it would be very difficult to live in the dark, even for a day.

Cutting down trees.

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Everyone knows that removing a tree is not easy work. So why even attempt to do something so dangerous by yourself when there are people specially trained for this? They know how to use all the dangerous tools and how to avoid disasters. It’s not a very sophisticated project but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Home plumbing.

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A similar issue is the one related to plumbing. Some people just seem to think they can do anything. Well, they can’t. Messing with plumbing is not a good idea. You might think you can handle it, but you never know what’s going to happen. At least ask a professional to supervise you while you work.

Wildlife removal.

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IF you’re having trouble with a squirrel or a raccoon the first thing you want to do is take care of it yourself. But don’t be fooled by their cute appearance. Animals are unpredictable and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So ask someone who knows about these things for help before you starts wrestling with the poor thing.

Roof repairs.

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Let’s get back to the main topic: home improvements and projects. Imagine having problems with the roof. What do you do? Do you take a ladder and try to repair it yourself even though you can end up in the hospital or do you ask for professional help? The answer should be obvious.

Driveway paving.

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You’ve probably seen people installing paving stones before and it all looks so simple. Well, it’s not. So don’t even try to do it yourself unless you know what you’re doing. It’s a process that requires perfect positioning and measuring and even the tiniest mistake can ruin the whole thing. Of course, if you really want to get involved, you could help the pro and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Replace the windows.

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I don’t think it’s even necessary to mention this but you should never try to install or remove windows by yourself. First of all, you need specialized tools and methods and you can’t just improvise or the results won’t be satisfying. Also, the windows are very important so why risk messing it up? It’s not that expensive to get professional help and they’ll finish the project so much quicker than you.


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Insulating an attic might not seem like such a complicated thing to do but it’s actually a very difficult project. You first have to seal the space and then all the leaks need to be repaired. You can’t –count only on your eyes. You also need specialized tools and knowledge to succeed.


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We’re talked and talked about how it’s not ok to build stuff yourself but what about demolishing things? That shouldn’t be a problem, right? Not exactly. Demolitions are risky, dangerous and they require more than a sledgehammer. You need to know where to strike and to avoid damaging pipes and wires.


What could be more disturbing than realizing one day that your basement is full of water? Of course, it’s best to avoid these situations by waterproofing the space before anything happens. And don’t even think about doing it yourself. It’s never a good idea.

Building a deck.

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Building a deck is not that difficult so, theoretically, you could do it yourself. But before you start the project you need to check with the municipality rules, to get a permit, to make all the measurements, to dig and to put in a lot of effort. When it all adds up, it’s best to just let someone else do it. Moreover, it’s very likely that you’ll get a discount for installation when you purchase the materials.

HVAC projects.

HVAC(heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) projects always require the help of a professional simply because your level of knowledge about air ventilation and circulation is not enough. Also, your family’s safety is at risk if anything goes wrong and it’s best to ask someone who does that for a living to help you.

Custom features.

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When you think about it, adding custom features to your home is a job that suits you well because who better to know what you want that yourself? But it’s one thing to like something a completely different thing to make it work for your home. You’re not the only one that can add a personal touch to your home. Someone else can do it if you give enough information.

Faux finishes.

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It can be fun and beautiful to mimic certain effects and finishes and to have your walls look like they’re made of stone or wood when they’re not. But this is also something you don’t want to mess with because it can go wrong very easily. It’s best to leave it to a pro. They have a trained eye and, unlike you, it’s not their first time trying that.

Structural changes.

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It’s very fun to plan a major renovation where walls need to disappear and the layout needs to change. But it’s a very difficult thing to do by yourself. You need to know what can be demolished and what needs to stay and then you also have to know how to do everything you have planned without damaging the wires and the plumbing in the walls.