125 Living Room Design Ideas: Focusing On Styles And Interior Décor Details

Brick wall living rooms.

Exposed brick walls are something that almost everyone loves. They have that authenticity that makes them feel like they’re a piece of history and they also have several other qualities that make them so beautiful. Their texture and their overall look allow them to make a room feel warm and inviting, just like the exposed wooden beams. Also, they are a wonderful way of creating an accent wall without using color.

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In this living room the exposed brick wall was chosen to be the focal point. It’s the wall on which the TV was also placed so that all eyes can be I that direction. It’s a nice background for the TV and a very interesting contrast.

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Eclectic living room dominated by color and pattern

In this eclectic living room where there seems to be so much going on, an exposed brick wall seems like a natural part of the décor. It integrates perfectly into the design and works wonderfully with the overall color palette and with all the different textures and patterns.

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Dark living room with high ceilings and elegant accent pieces

This is not the typical airy and bright living room. It’s dark and the high ceilings give it a dramatic look. The style chosen for the interior décor is contemporary with eclectic touches. The brick wall is very beautifully illuminated and creates an intimate and pleasant atmosphere.

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Open floor plan with a long brick wall and glass dividers

This spacious living room is separated from the rest of the house through glass dividers. They give the impression of a break between spaces but they also allow a continuous image to be created. The combination of glass dividers and brick walls is also unusual and very interesting.

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Contemporary loft built in a former warehouse

Originally a warehouse, this space still has a few reminders of its history. For example, the exposed brick wall is a wonderful element to be preserved. Its texture and color is reconstituted in the form of wooden furniture and accent rug.

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A work/living space with rich brick walls and warm colors

This living room is particularly inviting and warm. It’s because of the color palette but also because of a few other elements such as the exposed brick walls that have been preserved during the renovation. The texture is beautiful and, along with the colors, integrates perfectly into the décor.

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Contemporary living room with high ceilings, exposed beams and brick walls

This is a living room with a very interesting interior décor. It’s an overall contemporary space but has a few elements that place it in an eclectic area. For example, we have the exposed beams that would have been quite rustic if not painted neutral grey and also the exposed brick wall with a light, bright color.

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Elegant living room with a textures accent wall

This living room is also a contemporary space but with a rather classical, timeless interior décor. The color palette is composed of neutrals and tones of brown and beige and the décor also includes elements such as that textured brick wall that subtly stands out.

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Exposed brick wall with contrasting artwork as a focal point

In general, an exposed brick wall is a great accent element of its own, especially in a contemporary living room. In this case, however, the effect is even stronger since a piece of contrasting artwork has also been displayed on the wall.

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Light-colored brick wall with matching accent pieces

In this traditional living room we have a partial exposed brick wall featuring a light color palette. The colors and textures of the wall are also recreated in some of the other accent pieces such as the rug or the decorations and artwork, in some cases as a symbolic gesture.

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