125 Living Room Design Ideas: Focusing On Styles And Interior Décor Details

Animal print living rooms.

There are several different ways of looking at animal prints. They can be a sign of luxury and glamour but they can also add a modern touch to a traditional interior décor and they can also introduce color, pattern and texture into a room without being overwhelming. They’re an exotic influence that usually results in the creation of bold focal points for the décor and that, if used extensively, can have the opposite effect.

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Elegant living room with subtle animal print inserts

In the case of this room, the animal print details are almost difficult to spot. They are subtle but bold enough to create interesting focal points and to shift the attention towards the accent pieces. The animal print armchairs are very interesting and seem very cozy and comfortable.

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Chic living room with interesting patterns and colors

This living room would have been quite interesting even without that bold accent piece in the middle. The color of the walls is unusual and almost fuses with the floors. The zebra ottoman introduces new colors, patterns and sits in the center where it contrasts with the rest of the décor.

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Mediterranean living room with lots of different patterns and textures

This is a beautiful living room where the Mediterranean influence seems to be dominant in the case of the interior décor. There are many interesting elements that introduce pattern and color into the mix, one of them being the animal print ottoman that almost disappears into the décor.

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Traditional interior with a beautiful color palette and subtle focal points

In the case of this living room, the accent falls on subtle rather than on bold. The focal points are not striking and yet they are easily noticeable. They stand out through color or pattern, in the case of the animal print ottoman. Even so, they integrate beautifully into the décor.

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Contemporary living room featuring the classical zebra rug

This contemporary living room seems to have a lot going on. There are many details and accent pieces but they are cleverly organized. The bold zebra rug makes everything fade by comparison. It sits in the center of the room on top of a white rug for a less striking contrast.

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Animal prints and animal hide rugs come together in a stylish mix

Here we have another contemporary living room but this one doesn’t stand one because of the dynamic décor or bold colors. It impresses through the way all these different elements interact and form a pleasant décor. The animal hide rugs are beautiful focal points and are complemented by the animal print accent pieces.

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Modern interior with vintage accents

It’s not uncommon for contrasting styles to be used together in a décor. In this case we have a modern living room with visible vintage details in the form of patterns, colors and subtle influences scattered all over the room. The animal print ottoman is once again a central focal point.

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