10 Preatty Christmas stockings for 2011

Christmas and stockings go hand in hand and beautiful stocking add that bit of color and tradition to the celebration of Christmas. The legend of Christmas stockings is very well known to all. We all have come past the stage of longing to find gifts stuffed inside by Santa Claus in the middle of the night as he passed by our homes on his reindeer.

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Initially these Christmas stockings would be plain fabric stockings just hung below the chimney as tradition. However, today fashion has caught up with everything and so has it with Christmas stockings. Now there are stockings available in beautiful fabrics with unique prints and designs to add that bit of style to the Christmas stockings.

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There are stockings available to suit each single desire ranging from jewels embedded stockings to soft velvet stockings to what not. There are themes even in Christmas stockings like in case your theme for Christmas is wedding or newlyweds then there are the bride and groom stockings to match your Christmas theme. In case there are little ones eagerly waiting for the gifts in the stockings you could hang, the polar bear designed Christmas stockings.

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We can find stockings made of various materials but it is not the materials, which matter, but the real reason behind hanging the stockings, which is to spread the message of love and happiness. Some people hang the Christmas stockings under the Christmas tree while some people follow the tradition of hanging the stockings just below the chimney. Wherever the tradition to hang the Christmas stockings it is sure to carry with it loads of fond expectations and memories.