15 Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Budget Using Paint

A little bit of paint can go a long way and there so many ways in which you can use it around the house it’s hard to even choose. Lucky for you, we already went through tons of ideas and we chose only the most interesting ones. So if you’re curious how paint can change the look of your home, try some of these projects.

Paint Dipped Chair Legs.

Chairs are not something you replace every year so it’s expected to still have some of those old, traditional stools in your home. Give them a quick makeover. Dip the legs in colored paint. First use tape to mark the portions to be painted and then dip the legs in paint or use a brush.{found on rileyhuggins}.

Faux Malachite Knobs.

A simple way of changing the look of a dresser or cabinet is by either replacing the hardware or by changing its color. For example, you can paint the knobs a beautiful shade like this teal. Since these are porcelain knobs, a special Sharpie had to be used.{found on tealandlime}.

Ombre Painted Jars.

Make some beautiful vases or decorative objects using jars and leftover paint. Mix the paint into four colors. Start with the darkest shade and paint the inside of the jar. Cover ¼ of the jar and then continue with the next shade. You go from dark to light and then you let the paint dry.{found on thebudgetsavvybride}.

Colorful fridge magnets.

Need some new magnets for the fridge? Make them yourself. You need wooden nickels, acrylic paint, small magnets, a paint brush and tape. Tape off the design, paint the pieces, let the paint dry, remove the tape and glue the magnets to the little wood pieces.{found on swoonstudio}.


Similarly, you can make beautiful neon coasters. Just take a bunch of plain and simple coasters, some acrylic paint and some tape. Decide on a design and paint the portion you wish to be colored. Let the paint dry and remove the tape.{found on poppytalk}.

Flower vases.

Using spray paint, you can give your old vases a quick makeover. You can also use other containers instead of actual vases. First spray paint the vases white so you have a clean surface to work with. Using tape, create a design you like. Then simply paint the vases using the colors you like.{found on curbly}.

Ceramic pots paint dipped.

Make paint-dipped ceramic pots for your plants and flowers. Start by placing the pot upside down on a flat surface. Then pour some paint and swirl, allowing small drops to spill over the side. Once you’re happy with the design, lets the pots dry but not on paper.{found on thelovelycupboard}.

Ombre cabinet makeover.

You can also use paint for more complex projects. For example, give a cabinet or any other pieces of furniture a makeover with an ombre design. Pick at least three colors. One of them should be either black or white. Then, if it’s a cabinet with lots of drawers, paint each drawer a different shade to create this ombre effect.{found on site}.


You can also paint an ombre wall. You could use a single color. In this case, choose a dark paint color and paint the bottom half of the wall. While it’s still wet, use a spray bottle of water to thin the top quarter of the paint. Use a sponge to spread and pat the paint up the wall. Blend the color as you go.{found on blog}.


Another interesting project can be making ombre pillows. Take a bunch of white pillows you’re bored with the give them a makeover. Take a sprayer or bottle and make a highly concentrated mixture using fabric dye. Do the darkest layer and then gradually add water for the other layers until you get the desired effect.{found on inthefunlane}.


And since we’re now talking about ombre project and how this technique can be used around the house, let’s continue with these ombre stairs. Pick a color you like. For example, choose blue. Then use different shades: dark blue, blueberry, light blue, etc. and paint each step a different shade.{found on shelterrific}.


Now let’s see how chalkboard paint can be used for fun and simple projects. For example, you can personalize mugs and glasses. Use tape to create a pattern or design you like. Then, with a small brush, apply the chalkboard paint. Once dry, you’ll be able to customize the mugs and glasses in numerous different ways.{found on purplecarrotkc}.

Fridge revamp.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like white refrigerators, especially if they’re old. So if you too wish to change the look of your fridge, consider using chalkboard paint. Cover the exterior and then you’ll be able to use it as a writing surface.{found on erinlauray}.

Striped wall.

A striped wall is more interesting than a plaint one. But you have to make sure that the stripes are all the same size. For that, first measure the wall you wish to paint and divide it into equal portions. Use tape to delimit the areas that need to be painted. After that, paint each portion, alternating the shades.{found on livelovediy}.

Laundry floor.

Your floor could use your attention too. For example, you can choose a message or a word to be represented on the floor. Draw the design on a piece of paper and then measure and mark off the sections on the floor using tape. Start painting and allow the paint to dry for a few hours.{found on diyshowoff}.

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