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The Modern POD Hotel Featuring Stunning Views And Lots Of Open Space

When building a hotel, the location is extremely important. It can decide the popularity and success of the project right from the start. Then there’s also the actual design and the structure of the hotel. For the POD hotel, none of these elements were a problem. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the hotel benefits from stunning views and it has a modern and very well-defined design.

The design of the hotel was envisioned by Greg Wright Architects and the result was this luxurious structure. Completed in 2012, the POD hotel offers 15 rooms, all with panoramic views over Camps Bay Beach, Table Mountain, Lions Head or the 12 Apostles. The position and orientation of the hotel were crucial in determining that. But the hotel doesn’t stand out just because of that. This project is also individualized by a series of other details.


Stylish and cozy, the El Lodge Ski & Spa welcomes its guests to the slopes

Ski lodges and resorts are a very special category of getaways because they always put comfort and coziness up on their priority list. Even the most luxurious and fancy ski resorts feature simple interiors, with wooden walls and comfy furniture. Some things are just too good to be changed or reinvented.

This is the El Lodge Ski & Spa Resort. It’s located in Spain, in Sierra Nevada. Here, at an altitude of 2,100 meters, everything looks more beautiful. It’s why making this resort seem cozy and inviting was easy. This place is intimate and very welcoming. As for the design, the first thing anyone notices is that the building is almost entirely built out of wood.

This natural material has a very nice texture which adds warmth to a space and makes it feel more inviting and intimate. It’s a great way of making a space feel cozy when all that surrounds it is snow, cold weather and whiteness.


The Tropical Angsana Velavaru Paradise In The Maldives

Angsana Velavaru is a wonderful resort found in the Maldives. As you can guess simply by the location, this place is stunning and luxurious. Here, in this incredibly stunning part of the world, everything was designed just to offer you a great experience, to allow you to relax and to forget about everything else. It’s like a little paradise on earth.

The architecture and exterior designs give us a glimpse at the type of serene atmosphere that dominates this area. The term Velavary can be translated as “turtle island” and this gives us an idea of just how unique this resort really is. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and clear blue waters.

The beautiful sky above always complements the décor perfectly. Imagine yourself spending a few amazing days here and waking up in the morning just to see the ocean at your doorstep.


The Olhuveli Resort, Where Traditional Architecture Is Combined With Contemporary Comfort

During summer, all we think about is the peace and relaxation that awaits us when we visit our favorite resorts. Those that prefer luxury have a very beautiful choice, the Olhuveli beach and spa resort. Located on the tip of South Malé Atoll,Maldives,the resort is a wonderful retreat visited annually by families and couples that seek relaxation.

The resort offer 164 rooms and villas, all featuring a very stylish combination of traditional architecture and contemporary interiors. The Jacuzzi villas are most appreciated. They are built on stills over the water and they offer privacy as well as amazing views. They have a Jacuzzi on the private sundeck and they are the perfect choice for those that prefer a tranquil and private atmosphere.


Discover the beauty of the French Riviera at the Grain & Ficelle hotel

The Grain & Ficelle hotel is located in the heart of the French Riviera. It was created from scratch by the owner and it’s a very inviting and hospitable place. This marvelous place was created here when the land was only covered in wild plants and weeds. It was a wasteland but the owners saw the potential and decided to completely transform it.

After nine years of hard work, the area is unrecognizable. Now the land is occupied by the beautiful Grain & Ficelle hotel, surrounded by nature. The hotel is actually a farmhouse that was raised to another level. It offers 1 room which can be rented for days of weeks as well as two eco-lodges and two large apartments.


Top 10 California Hotels To Take Into Consideration This Summer

Whenever you visit a foreign city or country, the overall experience is defined by a series of factors. First of all, the first impression is important. It’s why you need to stay at a nice hotel and to be able to say, at the end of your trip, that it was a pleasant experience. Also, it’s important for the hotel to have a nice location, maybe with lovely views and other features. If, for example, you were to visit California this summer, there are plenty of hotel options to take into consideration. We have made a selection with the 10 best hotels in the city. Some offers the most amazing views over the ocean while others impress with impeccable service.

1. The Post Ranch Inn.


Sophisticated And Elegant With A Modern Twist – The V Nesplein Hotel

Hotel V Nesplein can be found in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and it features a very interesting design, quite different from most typical hotels. The overall design bursts with elegance and sophistication and the interior décor is dominated by opulence and very detailed beauty. The hotel beautifully represents the old part of the city and everything related to it.

The interior design is chic and elegant but it also has a modern twist meant to increase the functionality of the space. The owners of the V Hotel have a taste for history and love everything that’s authentic and that has a story to tell. This passion can also be seen in the hotel, in the way it’s been decorated with elegant furniture and all sorts of old accessories. Everywhere you look, old pieces are surrounding you. However, the atmosphere is dynamic and vibrant.


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