Top 10 Villas in Greece

Greece is an ideal tourist destination for spending vacations throughout the year. The array of opportunities required for a splendor vacation is simply wide in Greece. It is one of the best Mediterranean destinations characterized with sunny days and clear waters. A trip to Greece would allow you to enjoy sandy beaches, captivating sunrises, stress free relaxation on pristine white beaches, exploration of historical ruins and fantastic islands.

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Whether you are longing for a family vacation that involves exploring museums and picking olives, or a relaxing vacation on the seaside with your spouse followed by a romantic soothing dinner, Greece will unquestionably prove as an ideal vacation destination for you. Another definite feature of Greece is that the country is a home to umpteen numbers of villas, which are known to offer a special and innovative kind of accommodation.

The Villas houses offer all kinds of facilities to cater to the needs of tourists visiting the country with the purpose of having a gala time. There are opulent as well as basic villas, situated by the coastline or on the mountain side, built in contemporary style or traditional style. No matter whatever is your preference, Villas of Greece are assured to satisfy you.

Here are top 10 villas of Greece that you may select to spend your vacations –

Crete Villas

Mesmerizing Opulent Villa – Almyra

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This is one of the finest villas in the country offering you captivating views of the mountain scenery teamed with the coast line. Three large spacious bedrooms which are all air conditioned, and Master bedroom being marked with en-suite bathroom and Jacuzzi, makes the villa ideal for family as well as a group of friends. Soft color wooden flooring, large glass windows, wooden paneling teamed with classic stone wall, and smooth, white grays accentuate the minimalistic interior of the house. A large swimming pool has also been provisioned on the terrace in order to allow the tourists enjoy the heavenly luxury.From €400 to €890 /night.

Opulent Anemos Villa

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Situated in the area of Chania, Anemos villa is an extremely fabulous villa which represents the patent architecture of the area and also offers the guests a complete range of innovative facilities. Designed for ultimate convenience and comfort, the spacious huge three bedrooms are well appointed and feature contemporary amenities. Each bedroom is air conditioned, with the Master bedroom also featuring en-suite bathroom fitted with Jacuzzi. A traditional barbeque has been placed underneath the lemon trees beside the swimming pool allowing the guests to enjoy a mesmerizing dining experience under the stars, as they are embraced by the clean mountain air.From €350 to €870/night.

Mykonos Villas

Ioannis Retreat – Ideal for Pleasant Stay

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Soothing atmosphere and peaceful surroundings, Ioannis Retreat has been designed in a beautiful manner to allow the guests enjoy a pleasant stay. The property featuring flawless architecture is situated close to Kapari Beach, and thus offers breathtaking views of the Rhenia and Delos islands marked with vibrant sunsets. A number of terraces clubbed with several relaxation unique relaxation areas accentuate the property and its extra- size swimming pool. Two distinct dining areas featuring traditional Greek style Barbeque provisioned in the outdoors is perfect for entertaining the guests during the bright summer days and spending a gala time with friends and family.From €4000 to €5000 /night.

Spectacular Kymothoe Villa

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Villa Kymothoe is a top class private villa which consists of five huge bedrooms, all of which are equipped with air conditioner and other contemporary amenities. Located within close proximity to the secluded Kapari Beach, guests have the exceptional opportunity to enjoy the soothing surroundings. The outdoor area of the villa is a perfect place for entertainment as it features an infinity pool, deck chairs, and excellent setting. The indoors have also been designed in an impressive manner. Oval shaped sitting area and vibrant living room have been luxuriously furnished with elegant flowing curtains, armchair and an upholstered ivory color day bed.From €1214 to €1857 /night.

Santorini Villas

Opulent Blue Angel Villa

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Located strategically, above the fantastic caldera and high on the cliff top, Blue Angel Villa has been designed meticulously by the owners in a period of two years. The property features the top most standards. Elegant stone work has been clubbed with breathtaking handmade Italian tiles to create an electrifying look without leaving the simplistic Cycladic theme. Outdoor sitting area teamed with Jacuzzi is indeed very impressive. A long well designed courtyard leads one into the exquisitely designed interiors. The huge living room has been accentuated high ceilings following the elegant Santorinian style. A gallery style well equipped kitchen services the expansive dining area.From €300 to €1270 /night.

Stunning Estelle Villa

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Offering panoramic views of the silent island Thirasia, impressive Santorini mountains and deep Aegean Sea with cool blue water; Villa Estelle is truly one of its kinds. Featuring three huge bedrooms, all en- suite, completely air conditioned and king size bed, the stunning Estelle villa allows the guests to create some great relaxing moments. Pool side dining area, heated swimming pool, jaw dropping roof garden, gas grill and gated community, compel one to spend maximum time outdoors and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Santorini sunsets. Stay in the villa is definitely assured to be like a “Dream come true”.From €555 to €1111/night.

Superb Villa – Mansion 1878

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If you are looking forward to a unique style accommodation then, please consider staying in Mansion 1878. Built in the year 1878, the exquisite traditional property is situated in the heart of Megalochori village. Featuring two self contained units, every aspect of the 18’Th century villa is distinctively marked with huge character. The large courtyard has been accentuated with an appropriate size pool as it leads one into the interiors. The bedrooms are large, spacious and are fitted with all the latest amenities such as Satellite, TV, IPod docking station, Ventilators, cell phone and more. Expertise staff and services are provided for the extra convenience.From €860 to €1340 /night.

Traditional Fabrica Villa

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Fabrica Villa is a unique villa as it has been constructed in an old factory. Due to its distinct construction, the property has been split into two private villas, which can be hired separately or as a whole.  Santorini architecture with sleek loft design has been employed to create a knockout paradise. Use of environment friendly materials and polished cement highlight the old traditional style further. The most unique feature of the villa is that the elements of the factory have been incorporated in the design, to create a mesmerizing look. A huge machinery piece stands as an impressive sculpture centerpiece.From €676 to €2662 /night.

Zakynthos Villas

Luxurious Imperial Spa Villa

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Imperial spa Villa sits in a reputated resort on one of the top islands – Zakynthos. The villa is perfect for those who wish to enjoy an exceptionally private accommodation. As the name implies, the villa has been designed with the aim of providing spa like relaxation. A private heated swimming pool, private beach and outdoor spa pavilion offering specializing spa treatments allow the guests to have a memorable experience.  The opulence extends to the interiors also. The spacious bathrooms feature marble flooring, Jacuzzi, and separate shower cabins fitted with innovative jet devices that are sure to provide ultimate relaxation.From €2500 to €5400/night.

Royal Spa Villa – A Perfect Retreat

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Royal Spa Villa offers a relaxing atmosphere and favorable location to the tourists visiting Greece. Guests choosing to stay in the villa are offered with the exceptional opportunity to enjoy the five star hotel like services along with the privacy of a home.  An outdoor spa pavilion offering specialized spa treatment is the definite feature of the villa. The guests also have the chance to enjoy mesmerizing views of the island – Kefalonia as they sip a drink while lounging on the sandy private beach. The interiors of the villa are also amazingly designed. Fully equipped kitchen, walk-in closet and dining area with fireplace are other significant features of the villa.From €2100 to €3800 /night.

Conclusively, it can be said that Villas of Greece are perfect way to enjoy a Greece Vacation which offers hundreds of possibilities. Whether traveling with friends or family, the villas are assured to be cost effective in all situations. Watching television, lounging in the outdoor sofa, enjoying a long bubble bath, relishing live barbeque dinner, appreciating breath taking scenic views, rejoicing in the swimming pool, and more can all be experienced during a stay at one of the villas. As the costs of all the services are already included in the reasonable charges, you need worry for extra or un-hidden charges.