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Fall In Love With Homedit’s New eBook: “100 Inspiring DIY Ways To Reinvent Your Home”

It’s here! The beautiful AND informative 2014 eBook from Homedit, full of practical tips and gorgeous photos on how YOU can reinvent your home to be the stylish, livable space you want it to be. This eBook has been months in the making, and is now published thanks to the hard work and research by the design-savvy Homedit team. You won’t want to miss reading this inspiring and helpful resource.

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Each of the eBook’s ten chapters presents easy-to-understand (and implement) tips for building or recreating a specific space in your home. With a focus on making the most of small spaces, the eBook offers loads of stylish space-saving tips. From the living room to the bedroom, kitchen to the bathroom, you’ll find plenty of inspiring ideas to freshen up your home.


50 Most Beautiful Nordic-Style Workspaces

The simplicity and cleanliness of Nordic interiors rarely fits an area as well as it fits a work space. That’s because work spaces are meant to be simple.The simpler the décor and the interior design the easier it is to get around and to always find the thing you need. Also, simplicity meant fewer distractions and thus it’s easier to concentrate and to focus on the task.

As mentioned, the colors are usually very simple

It’s a style which focuses on simple colors such as black and white. It’s also usually characterized by well-organized spaces which is also a crucial characteristic of all work areas.


Top 10 Headquarters Interior Designs Of 2013

In 2013 we’ve shown you many beautiful interior designs and I particularly remember some of my favorites. Headquarters are something we focused on and we have quite a collection to be proud of. So we’ve made a top with the ten most interesting headquarters interior which we talked about last year. Here they are:


Let’s start with the Evernote Headquarters. Located in Redwood City, this office building was converted for the company by San Francisco interior designers Studio O+A. The data storage company’s headquarters features a double-height reception area with an interesting-looking staircase and an overall modern, simple and dynamic interior.


50 Best Interior Design And Architecture Events of 2014

The year 2014 is looking to be a busy one! No matter where you live or what your travel plans for the year, there is likely a design-related event that might catch your eye…and your attendance. Here is a compilation of 50 Must-Do events for 2014. Events are located throughout the year and throughout the world. What a beautifully inspiring jumping-off point to provide creative, forward-thinking ideas for design enthusiasts such as yourselves.So get your travel planner out, and check out these events:


January 8-11 – Heimtextil.

Held in Frankfurt, Germany, at various venues. This large leading international fair (occupies 19 exhibition halls) features a comprehensive textile portfolio for interiors and furnishings from products for windows, upholstery, floors, walls, and sun protection to textiles for the bathroom, bed, and table.


Hot New Home Trends For 2014

There must be a million trends out there for every coming year. (It’s no wonder that making New Year’s Resolutions is so popular – a new year equals change, and change is the exciting unknown with limitless possibilities.) Good news: 2014 is no exception.2014 pleads for genuine simplicity in lifestyle and getting back to the basics.

Go Bold AND Go Home.

The time for traditional, cookie-cutter, furniture-store-taupe-or-bust home décor has long past (if it ever existed). 2014 is the year to showcase who you are and what you’re about in your home. Shove a standout piece of furniture into the limelight. Choose a colorful large appliance and go with it. At the very least, incorporate some eye-catching throw pillows or cabinet knobs. Something that might say, “I’m here, I’m alive, and I’m ready for anything!”


50 Shades of Grey: The New Neutral Foundation for Interiors

Got grey on the brain? Winter can do that to one. But the good, no, GREAT news is that grey is a fantastic color to be thinking about right now. It’s taking the place that brown once held as the foundational neutral of choice in interiors. So many shades of grey are available – you can go dark and dramatic, soft and serene, and anywhere in between.

You can keep your greys warm, with yellow and brown undertones, or cooler with pinks and blues mixed in. Go monochromatic and cover your entire space in grey hues, or choose one grey piece to introduce the neutral. So many options are available for you to enjoy this old color with fresh eyes and ideas. Enjoy this collection of photographs of 50 shades of grey for your home!


20 Architectural Details of a Stand-Out Ceiling

Many of us think of two adjectives when we hear the word “ceiling”: flat and white. But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are so many architectural details that can be incorporated into or onto a ceiling to bring the entire room to life. From rustic to contemporary, from cottage charmer to modern urban apartment, appropriate and appealing ceiling details can be found. Although there are countless ways to spice up this “fifth wall,” here are 20 inspiring ideas to get your creative architectural minds rolling:

A woven ceiling design looks like the opening of a flower. A very cool, modern, abstract flower.


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