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Best Plants That Suit Your Bathroom – Fresh Decor Ideas

We put plants in our living rooms and bedrooms, even in the kitchen so, when you think about it, there’s no reason to not include the bathroom in this list too. In fact, there are lots of plants that do well in the bathroom than in other areas of your home because they need the humidity.

In addition to their decorative appeal, most houseplants also help purify the air. Use them to improve the air quality inside your home. But before you choose the best houseplants for your bathroom, consider the environment it offers.


15 Ways To Refresh Your Home On A Budget Using Paint

A little bit of paint can go a long way and there so many ways in which you can use it around the house it’s hard to even choose. Lucky for you, we already went through tons of ideas and we chose only the most interesting ones. So if you’re curious how paint can change the look of your home, try some of these projects.

Paint Dipped Chair Legs.

Chairs are not something you replace every year so it’s expected to still have some of those old, traditional stools in your home. Give them a quick makeover. Dip the legs in colored paint. First use tape to mark the portions to be painted and then dip the legs in paint or use a brush.{found on rileyhuggins}.


35 Budget DIY Party Decorations You’ll Love This Summer

What better way to enjoy the summer and the sun than with a party? So get ready. Start working on the decorations and make sure everything is just perfect. And if you really want the party to be special then you’ll have to pun in a little more effort. We have some DIY party decoration ideas you might want to try.

DIY Signs.

Make a party sign to let everyone know what it’s all about. You could get some of those vintage letters that light up and display them. You could, of course, make the letters yourself but it’s more complicated and takes some time.{found on ohhappyday}.


How To Build A Grape Arbor Step by Step

If you love the taste of grapes and the look of a well-built grape arbor/trellis, this DIY instructional article is for you. Read on to learn how to build your own beautiful arbor structure to enhance your home’s exterior aesthetic.

*Note: The author is an experienced but not professional builder. The following article offers insight and instruction on merely one way to build a grape arbor; glean from this article what you will.


How To Creatively Use Chalkboard Paint Around The House

Blackboards or chalkboard walls are very versatile and can be used functionally but also for decorative purposes. You can integrate them in every room of the house even take them outdoors. Use them for writing messages on, notes, recipes, grocery lists, draw something beautiful on them or let the kids doodle and have fun with them. Wherever you decide to have such a feature, there are numerous different ways in which to use it and we have compiled a list of examples and ideas for you to take a look at.

At the entryway.

A framed blackboard can make a lovely decoration for your home’s entryway


Vintage Door Knobs And How To Give Them A New Purpose

It’s been a while since I haven’t seen people who have door knobs in their homes or apartments. To be honest, I really like them and since I was a child I wondered how they functioned. Now their time has passed. Let’s say you still use door knobs, what would you do in this case? Maybe you would replace them, but then what? I always thought that anything broken or old-fashioned can be reused. It’s in my nature! Because I’m always an adept of recycling or repurposing things, I’ve thought about sharing some ideas with you.

1. Use door knobs to create decorative table numbers for your wedding.


12 Air-Purifying Houseplants To Decorate Your Home With

Plants are very often used in interior décor and we tend to think that’s only due to their beauty and to the fact that they’re green and so they make the space feel more fresh.

But there’s another reason why plants were brought indoors in the first place: so they can purify the air.The air inside our homes is usually more polluted than the air outside. Trees and vegetation take care of the purifying process outdoors but we can also use them to improve the air quality indoors as well.

1. The English Ivy (Hedera helix).

The English Ivy was listed by NASA scientists as the best air-filtering houseplant. It’s very effective when it comes to absorbing toxins and it’s also very easy to grow as it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This plant also allows you to display in numerous different ways, either as a hanging or a floor plant.


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