10 Awesome Beach-Themed Projects For A Vacation-Like Feel

The feeling you get when you’re far away from home in a beautiful resort on simply on the beach is wonderful. It’s why we want to recreate that feeling in our homes. It’s actually quite easy to give a room a vacation-like feel. You just need to pick some beach-themed projects that suit your tastes and to get to work. Use the shells you brought with you from your vacation or some other accessories and put them to good use. Here are some great projects to choose from.


You can completely transform a plain and simple mirror into something wonderful using nothing but some shells in different shapes and sizes, a mirror, newspapers and glue. Tape the mirror with newspapers to protect it and glue the shells on the frame.

Here’s how you can make a round shell mirror. You need a wood circle and a round mirror. Adhere the mirror to the wood with glue and then decorate it with large shells. Cover the entire frame or cover the edges with sand to give it a nice background and texture.{found on coastal}.

For a mirror similar to this one you’ll need twisted sisal rope, a hot glue gun, starfish, mod podge and decorative filler. Glue rope to the frame in circles and keep it tight and even. Then attach the starfish with hot glue. For the shelf, first apply a coat of mod podge and then a layer of sea shell filler.{found on atthepicketfence}.


Give your bedside lamp a more natural look in a few simple steps. Start with a standard wood lamp base. Sand it down and then use hot glue to attach driftwood onto the base. Use different pieces with different shapes and lengths and create a raw look for this accessory.{found on timneve}.

Here’s another lovely project. You’ll need to find a jar similar to this one and then find a simple light socket with an extension cord. Drill out the rivets and remove the handle if there is one. Then drill a hole in one end of the light socket and wire it up. Drill another hole in the center of the lid and bolt it to the lid. Fill the jar with sand and other decorations.{found on beautifulnest}.

This project is similar but this time you’ll use a glass vase for the base. You’ll also need a lamp shade, hardware, cardboard and decorations to put in the vase. Drill a hole in the bottom of the vase for the cord. Then make a support for the lampshade out of cardboard. Insert the hardware and fill the vase with sand and shells.{found on starsandsunshine}.


Candles are very romantic and they can be made out of all sorts of things. For these ones you’ll need pillar candles, twine, a glue gun and a silver platter. Wrap the twine around the candles and glue the end down. Glue a sea shell over and place them on the silver tray.{found on momitforward}.

If you have some large sea shells it would be a nice idea to turn them into candle centerpieces or decorations. You just need to fill them with wax and let them dry. Place them on the mantle, on the table or anywhere else and use them as centerpieces or simple decorations.{found on tamedraven}.

For this fun project you’ll need sea shells, glass jars, seaglass and candles. Take the glass jars and fill them with the little treasures you have gathered. You can also use sand or anything else you think might look good. Then place a tea light in the center and the project is complete.{found on psheart}.

Wall art.

Making shell art can be very fun. For this version you need frames, mats, shells, card stock, tape and hot glue. Spray paint the frame if you want to. Then tape a piece of card stock to the backside of the mat, flip it back over and arrange the shells onto the card stock. Once you’re happy with the design, glue the shells on one by one and reassemble the mat.{found on sandandsisal}.

Sea glass is beautiful and there’s not much you can do with it. So how about a fun DIY project? Cut some wire and wrap it around a piece of sea glass. Then to the same thing for the rest and the pieces will be connected. Then attach the wires to a stick and hang the decoration on a wall.{found on visiblymoved}.

Make a nice decoration that will remind you of your wonderful vacation. Take some craft sticks, pain them and then glue them all together. Use craft glue to write the word “beach” and then press pebbles into the glue. Then glue some sand, starfish and shells to the bottom of the piece and let it dry.{found on craftsbyamanda}.

If you want, you can try something even simpler. A watercolor canvas could be a wonderful decoration for your home. So grab your watercolors, some vinyl adhesive and get to work. Use an anchor as a stencil or freehand something. It’s very simple and it can also be very fun to make.{found on craftyscrappyhappy}.

Here’s another fun idea: find some images of sea life and edit them as you want. Play around with colors and hues until you’re happy with the way they look. Then print them out and glue them on a canvas. It’s very easy and it’s also a project that takes little time unless you’re undecided when editing the images.{found on nestofposies}.


Wreaths are always beautiful, regardless of the season. To make this particular model you’ll need yarn, Styrofoam form, a hot glue gun, satin ribbon and starfish. Wrap the yarn around the wreath form until it’s all covered up. Glue the starfish on and tie the ribbon in a bow.{found on craftsunleashed}.

On a wreath, you can use any memories you brought home with you from the beach, even rocks. Wrap twine around the wreath and then arrange the rocks and glass as you want. Then glue them onto the wreath one by one. Hang your decoration on a wall or on the door.{found on sillypearl}.

Making this particular wreath is extremely easy. Start with a foam ring and some rope. Wrap the rope around the foam ring and make sure it stays straight instead of slanted. Then take some strips of white fabric, wrap them around the wreath and pin. It’s very simple and takes little time.{found on site}.

This is a starfish garland, another very nice decoration. To make it you only need starfish, jute twine and hot glue. Wrap twine around each starfish in a criss cross pattern and then loop it 3 times around the top. Secure the twine with hot glue. You can also use shells for this type of project.{found on alittleclaireification}.

Table centerpieces.

To make a centerpiece like this one is quite easy. Take a glass bowl, some sand and some small treasure you brought back with you from your vacation. Also, find a large candle. Put them all in the bowl and use the sand to give them stability. You can use shells, starfish, rocks and anything else you want.{found on charmbraceletdiva}.

Another interesting idea would be to make some nautical-themed napkins for the table. It’s actually very simple. Find fabric with a striped white and blue pattern, cut it to size and then punch a circular hole in one corner. Insert some white nautical rope and tie it in a beautiful knot.

Published by in DIY Projects, on June 25th, 2013


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