10 Beach-Inspired Crafts You Can Do With Seashells

Everyone knows at least one person that can’t resist taking home a bunch of seashells with them from the beach. So you start wondering what could they possibly do with all those shells… As it turns out, a ton of cool and beautiful DIY projects include seashells. So have a look at the ones below and, next time you go to the beach, keep an eye out for cool-looking shells.

DIY shell mirror

Assuming you already have a bunch of shells gathered from previous trips to the beach or which you simply bought from the store, let’s see how you can use those to decorate a mirror frame. The project is not difficult and the supplies required is quite short, including a few things such as shells of different sizes, newspaper, glue and, of course, the mirror.{found on shineyourlightblog}.

DIY Seashell Mirror

Seashell mirror frames are quite popular these days. They bring the breeze of the beach into our homes and let us reminisce about past moments. When decorating a mirror frame with seashells, try to cover the whole frame and to mix and match the shells in order to get the desired look. You can also add pebbles and other decorations.{found on puddyshouse}

Seashell Wind Chimes Tutorial

Another great idea you can try is to make a seashell wind chime. Actually, for this project you can also use sea glass and other things you usually find on the beach. String them onto fishing line and hand then from a starfish. They’ll look lovely and they’ll make a subtle and pleasant sound as the wind gently moves them. {found on site}.

Seashell Wreath for front door

You can also use seashells to decorate a wreath. The idea works out beautifully for a summer wreath which you can hang on your front door to greet your guests in a chic way. All you need for the project is a bunch of shells, a grapevine wreath and a glue gun. All you have to do is glue the shells to the wreath one by one. You can find out more about this on somuchbetterwithage.

Cool Seashell wreath

There are basically two main ways to decorate a wreath using seashells. One is to simply glue on a few shells just to give the wreath a themed look, in which case a grapevine wreath is ideal. The second option is to entirely cover the wreath form in shells. You can find one such design described on puddyshouse.

Mason Jar Lamp with seashell inside

There are also a few other more unusual projects you can try. For example, check out domestically-speaking for a tutorial on how to make a mason jar lamp. The shells in this case are decorative and are placed inside the jar to give the lamp a stylish look.

Bottle with shells and twine

Individual shells can be used as decorative trinkets for party favors. Here’s how the whole process goes: you take some empty glass bottles or jars and you clean them, removing the labels as well. Then you use a glue gun to attach a piece of twine to a shell and you wrap the twine around the bottle’s mouth, allowing the shell to hang a little bit.

Shell wall art

You can also turn seashells into wall art. Of course, there are many ways in which you could do that but we’ll focus on the designs proposed on sandandsisal. The supplies required include frames with mats, shells card stock and hot glue. If you want you can also use some spray paint on the frame and shells. Check out the full tutorial and put your own twist on the project.

Nautiacal seashell craft

Use shells to decorate a plain and boring candle holder to give it some spark. Depending on the design of your candle holder or votive, you can adapt this idea in a lot of beautiful ways. A really nice example is offered on betweennapsontheporch. The aqua shells really add charm to this piece, allowing it to look a little bit rustic.

Framed seashell

As you can see, the crafts you can do with shells are numerous and each one has its own charm and character. You can find even more inspiration on bowerpowerblog. Here you can find out how to use shells to decorate your home and to give it a nautical-themed look. Whether you simply put some shells in a glass container or you turn them into wall art, you can be sure your project will be a success.