Yaroslav Galant Football Table

The Design Fair held in Milan each year brings towards the entire world unique pieces of furniture for everyone.At this particular event people expect to see the latest trends and innovations from all over the world regarding design and home furnishings.As you can imagine among the traditional items and materials there are a few eccentrics who build a little off charts, on their own standards and vision.One designer, Yaroslav Galant brought to our attention a strange and unique combination of various elements.

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Lets start from the beginning, the “foosball table” is a very well known way of spending time having fun with friends and family at any moment of the day straight in your living room but the way this particular table is presented is unique.If we look to the sides of the table we can see some interesting patterns and motifs specific to a certain area in Europe. I know this kind of patterns very well because I am myself from an area where these graphic elements dominate the traditional crafts.

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Most of the people find this whole ensemble a little odd, but for me and for the eastern Europeans this looks very much with traditional dinning tables found in grandma’s house. The patterns you see here are traditionally embroidered on towels or on tablecloths.Now you see why this football table looks the way it looks, because probably, as a kid, Yaroslav Galant saw something a similar table in his house.