Worlds Away Antonio 3-Ring Gold Leaf Side Table

Side tables are very interesting pieces of furniture because they take very little time, but are really useful. They are used for lacing different items you need to have handy. You can place this side table either in the bedroom and even in the bedroom, but it is equally important and beautiful and you will just love to buy one , especially if you are a woman. I don’t know why woman feel the need to keep a lot of objects within reach, so this small Worlds Away Antonio 3-Ring Gold Leaf Side Table can be used as a permanent or temporary support for your purse, book, alarm clock and so on.

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This side table is rather small, but it is so chic that is will give a plus of luxury and style to your room. The name of the table is given by the stand of this table, or by its main sturdy leg that is made of three golden rings that are set on top of each other. The funny thing about them is the fact that they are arranged so as to have a different orientation every time, this way making a beautiful design.

The four smaller legs at the bottom offer it stability and the top is actually a square mirror that completes the picture of a luxury item. The table has an interesting design and is far from being that simple as you may think at the beginning. The dimensions are 12″W x 12″D x 25″H and you can purchase it for just $526.