DIY Colorful Wooden Planters With A Geometric Shape

Looking for some creative gift ideas this holiday? These wooden planters are colorful and bold, perfect for the friend or family member that appreciates decor with a handmade modern feel. Customize the color schemes and top with a few easy to care for air plants. Great for tabletop or shelf styling!

Wooden planters
Diy colorful geometric planters finished

Supplies you’ll need for these wooden planters:

  • wooden blocks (cubed or rectangular)
  • sand paper or sanding block
  • pencil
  • straight edge ruler
  • paint brush
  • paints in various colors
  • air plants
  • drill with large drill bit (we used 1 3/4″)
  • saw (we used a band saw here for this project)

Instructions to build the wooden platers step by step:

Step 1: Measure and cut

Start by measuring and marking for your cuts. To create the geometric shapes you will want to cut off the corners on the tops and bottoms of the block. Mark with a pencil where you want your cuts to be. Make some of the marks smaller and some larger to give the finished product an asymmetrical look.

Diy colorful geometric planters finished

Step 2: Cutting the corners

Cut off the corners with a saw where you marked. Try to cut as straight as possible.

Step 3: Sanding process

Using a sanding block, sand paper or radial sander, smooth out the edges of the corner cut offs and edges.

Step 4: Drilling the hole

Next drill a hole on the side that you want to be the top of the planter to accommodate the air plant. Depress the drill bit down approximately 3/4- 1 inch into the wooden block.

Step 5: Apply the colorful coat

Lastly, once all your planters are finished, add some color blocking to the wood! Here we used a variety of bright colors and bright metallic gold. Using a small paint brush, carefully paint the top, sides, and corner cut offs in varying colors. Leave a few of the sides or corners natural wood grain if you would like. You can also optionally paint the inside of the planter where you made the hole for the air plant.

Diy colorful geometric planters finished

Let the paint dry and your planters are done! The small hole nicely accommodates these mini air plants. If you decide to plant something larger with roots and soil such as succulent, you will want to make sure that you make the hole for the planter deep enough and not add any paint to the inside. Otherwise, these air plants are perfect and need minimal care or upkeep!

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Diy colorful geometric planters finished