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These Wood Armchairs are More Than Just a Place To Sit

Imagine coming home at the end of the day and having a spot where you can just sit with a good book and enjoy a nice cup of hot tea or a glass of wine. Then, imagine having a free day and getting to wake up and sit in a comfortable chair, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the laziness that brings along so much relaxation. Of course, this scenario is only possible if you actually have a comfortable spot to sit in, and that’s where wooden armchairs come in.

How to Choose a Good Wooden Armchair

When you’re buying a sofa, you have to think about the comfort of every guest that’s bound to sit on it or, at least, at the comfort of all your family members. When you’re buying an armchair, you get to be a little selfish and pick something that offers comfort to you and you alone. You simply can’t miss out on the opportunity of learning more about what makes a good armchair, since it’s your chance to be in the center of attention and put your preferences above everyone else’s.

Since this is just an individual piece of furniture, you can get really creative with style and patterns, or you can find something that matches you existing room décor. That being said, we want to touch base with the most important aspects of choosing an armchair so that you can see the big picture and decide what models are more worthy of your money. In the following paragraphs, we’ve gathered some expert advice on choosing the right armchair.

#1: Upholstery

The upholstery is the part of the armchair that’s most visible to you and everyone else, but that doesn’t mean it requires your attention from a purely aesthetic point of view. So, when you want to choose your armchair based on the upholstery covering it, here are some tips to take into consideration:

  • An armchair with a slimline design is better for smaller rooms. That means you can ditch the solid base and choose something with visible legs, as this offers the illusion of more room space.
  • If you’re looking to buy an armchair that will sit in your living room, you can choose upholstery that contrasts with your sofa. This is will create an eye-catching composition that’s extremely pleasant to look at.
  • Don’t be afraid of boldness. That means you can choose to mix colors, textures, and patterns to create more interest around the room.
  • Before you choose an armchair, think about how it will look in relation to other piece of furniture in the room, especially the sofa, the side table, and the coffee table.

#2: Price

Armchairs range from really cheap to extremely expensive, with a quality armchair being at least $2,000. That doesn’t mean you can’t find something less expensive, but it also depends on the brand and how much of a statement you’re willing to make with your new pieces of furniture. However, price shouldn’t be only considerate when you’re shopping for new furniture, and keep in mind that there are many construction details that will influence the price, so consider the following:

  • Wooden frames are probably the most popular ones in armchair construction, but there are so many differences in quality from one type of wood to another that you can expect the price difference between one wooden frame armchair to another to be pretty consistent. A lot of people choose armchairs with metal frames because they are stronger and more durable.
  • Cushioning is another variable that drastically changes the end price of the armchair. You want to opt for models that have memory or high-resilience foam because it’s better compared to other types of cushioning. If said foam is backed by springs, then you have a great combo to sustain your body in a comfortable position for hours on end.
  • Leather armchairs are amazing, but when they are made from genuine and not faux leather, they also tend to be more expensive. Even if you feel the price difference is not worth it, know that genuine leather lasts longer and has less chances of cracking/splitting compared to faux leather.

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#3: Size & Comfort

While it may not seem so at first, size and comfort are two connected aspects but, at some point, they have to be treated individually in order for you to make the best purchasing decision possible. You can’t possibly feel comfortable in an armchair that’s too small for you, yet you can’t invest in a large armchair if you don’t have enough free space to place it. When it comes to size and comfort, here are some tips to remember:

  • When you place the armchair in a room, there needs to be enough space around it for everyone to move freely on all sides, especially if the armchair will go somewhere in the middle of a living room.
  • Measuring the available free space is crucial in making sure that you choose an armchair that will fit wherever you intend to place it. If you have your heart set on a specific armchair and aren’t sure about having available space for it, make a cardboard cutout and place it on the floor, just where the armchair would go. Would you have easy access to it? Does it impede you from using the furniture pieces around it? Can you sit (or stand up) on your armchair with ease and without knocking anything over?
  • When it comes to comfort, you need to consider what your favorite sitting position would be. Some people like to sit with their feet on the ground, while others prefer curling up on the armchair. Your personal preference will determine the size of the armchair that best suits your needs.

The Best Wood Armchair Choices

1. Ronaldo Armchair

Folsom Armchair

The first armchair we wanted to show you today is a 29” H x 27.5” W x 32.75” D piece of furniture built around a rubberwood frame. It is covered in upholstery made from 80 percent polyester and 20 percent acrylic, and comes with a cushioned back and seating that are both filled with high-density foam.  It can support a total weight of 300 pounds and you have the possibility to choose between two upholstery colors: taupe and light blue. This is a mid-century modern armchair with visible wooden legs and armrests, plus comfortable cushioning and upholstery that requires spot cleaning.

2. Dravin Wooden Armchair

Folsom Armchair

Relatively similar to the aforementioned product, but with an exposed wooden frame that has a more distressed look, the Dravin armchair is more of a vintage-looking piece that fits perfectly in rustic-style decors and wooden cabins and vacation homes. Designed from oak, the frame is sturdy enough to support about 350 pounds in weight. You will be resting on a cushion that’s made with cotton blend upholstery and filled with spongy foam cushioning. The construction of the backrest is identical to that of the seating, even in terms of fill material. The cushions are removable and require spot cleaning. Overall, this wooden armchair measures 33.9” H x 34.4” W x 28.7” D.

3. Clora Armchair

Folsom Armchair

The Clora armchair is yet another wooden piece that could be described as rustic, but it has a certain vintage elegance to it that makes us feel it can match even contemporary living rooms if you know how to mix and match elements around it. The pine and plywood wooden frame can support a weight of 250 pounds (and you can tell the difference between the strength of oak – used in the construction of the Dravin armchair – and that of pine). It comes with polyester upholstery (available in taupe, onyx, and slate) and the cushion and backrest are filled with foam. The armchair measures 34” H x 38” D overall, with the seating area being 20” H x 20” W x 20.5” D.

4. Aleksandra armchair

Folsom Armchair

There is something about rattan that we’re always going to love, and it’s more than just a love we remember when we’re looking to buy patio furniture. From rustic decorations to coastal themes, rattan can cover multiple indoor setups, which is why the Aleksandra armchair is a purchase worth considering. Measuring 31.7” H x 24.8” W x 29.5” D, this armchair sits on top of a rattan wooden frame and can support a weight of 300 pounds, which is nothing short of impressive. The cushioning is made with high-density foam and covered in polyester upholstery that’s available in a wide range of colors: from blue to a dusty pink.

5. Bransford Armchair

Folsom Armchair

If you’re looking for a more elegant wooden armchair, the elements found on the Bransford are surely worthy of looking into. This Louis XV-style armchair comes with cabriole legs and a curved wooden frame that’s covered in beautiful upholstery available in shades of taupe, light blue, and slate. The frame is made from a combination of pine and plywood, and can support a total weight of 300 pounds. The cushion is filled with web suspension and offers decent contouring so that you can sit on it comfortably for longer period of time. The nailhead trim is a wonderful detail that makes the armchair perfect for French country room décors. Measuring 38” H x 29” W x 32” D overall, this is surely a piece of furniture that can easily find its way even in smaller rooms.

6. Adilene ArmChair

Folsom Armchair

With a more minimalistic design and elements that make this armchair suitable for mid-century modern style homes, the Adilene brings forth very simple elements that come together to create a rather appealing armchair. What’s really interesting about this apparently small and fragile armchair is the fact that it can support up to 400 pounds in weight, even if it has a solid wood frame. The upholstery is made from polyester blend and filled with foam and synthetic fibers, divided into three layers of eco-friendly materials. The walnut finish is absolutely gorgeous and easy to match with a variety of other furniture finishes. It’s safe to say we are impressed with what this 27.55” H x 26” W x 30” D chair has to offer.

7. Beachwood 21″ Arm Chair

Folsom Armchair

For fans of vintage furniture and the unique appearance that the combination of wood and leather brings forth, we have the Beachwood armchair to talk about. The wooden frame is designed to support up to 200 pounds in weight, which isn’t a very high number considering the weight capacity of some of the other models we’ve looked at today. Measuring 33” H x 30.5” D x 25.375” W, the armchair comes with an open-framed arm design and cushioning provided by foam. The upholstery is made from microsuede with a leather-like appearance, offering you the beauty of leather at the price of microfiber. It’s a worthy purchase for budget-oriented shoppers.

8. Folsom Armchair

Folsom Armchair

Our last suggestion for the day in terms of wooden armchair is this beautiful piece by Corrigan Studio. It’s the kind of retro piece of furniture that you’d probably expect to see on a sunny patio, but it’s also perfect for indoors use because of the comfortable cushioning and the design elements that make it easy to blend in with the rest of your indoor furniture. It measures 31” H x 26” W x 32” D overall and is built on top of a rubberwood frame that can support up to 300 pounds in weight. The upholstery is made from polyester blend and is available in colors such as white, gray, and sea foam. The removable cushioning and backrest are filled with comfortable foam, offering you support and comfort even if you plan on sitting down the entire day.

Bottom Line

When you’re choosing a wooden armchair, it’s important to consider factors such as choice of wood (which helps determine the durability of the chair), upholstery options, but also the size that has such a big say in how comfortable you’ll feel sitting in your favorite position.

It’s important to remember that not all wooden frames have the same level of strength. If you’ve read the article above, then you already saw how some wooden frames made from strong wood (such as oak) are capable of supporting more overall weight compared to woods such as pine. The style and design of the armchair aren’t to be neglected, because you want to be able to walk into a room and enjoy what you see.