Wood Shop White Pine Block Pillow

Usually when you go to your friends’ birthday parties you make sure you get them a nice gift. Sometimes this gift is exactly what they wanted, but some other times the gifts are not that inspired and they end up in the trash or are stored in some remote place for years. Well, if you want to make sure your gift will be remembered you can always play a trick on them and purchase a funny gadget or something similar to this Wood Shop White Pine Block Pillow. This surely looks like a soft and comfortable pillow that invites you to rest your head against it, but once you do this you will be shocked to learn the pillow is actually made of … wood.

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Depending on the kind of wood used for carving it you may get different models and colours of the pillow. The item is carefully hand carved and the design is perfect, making it look exactly like a normal fluffy pillow. Except for these pranks you can still use these pillows for decorating your house, as they are the perfect size for this – 18″ x 18″. And you can now purchase them for $175 from Haus Interior.