What Makes A Home More Valuable – 25 Tips To Increase The Value Before Selling

There are certain things everyone is looking for when house hunting. They make a home more valuable and, as a result, they also increase the price. Some prefer these things to already be present in the space they’re considering to buy while other would rather do them themselves. But let’s think at this from a different perspective. If you were to put your home up for sale, what could you do to increase its price?

DIY projects.

A fresh coat of paint will bring back to life an old house

A detail that changes the whole appearance of the house is a fresh coat of paint. Give the house a quick makeover. Not all the rooms need to be repainted but just the most important ones that the buyers pay more attention to.

Make sure the ceiling looks great. A trim can really bring out its color

You might also want to add a trim. Most often, a simple ceiling trim makes all the difference and brings out the color of the walls. It’s a small detail and it’s not difficult to do.

The curtains frame the windows and they’re often a focal point for the room

After painting the walls you can continue in the same tone and also put up fresh curtains and blinds. They are relatively inexpensive and when they’re old they don’t exactly look attractive.

Although a small detail, the light switches can give a very good impression

Another simple thing you can do by yourself is to replace the old light switches and outlet covers with modern ones. They can be easily installed and they look great when they’re new. Dimmer switches are a wonderful idea.

Lighting is very important as it makes a room seem more beautiful

In the main rooms of the house you could also replace the light bulbs with ones that have more wattage. This will make the rooms seem brighter and they highlight the beautiful details you’ve chosen for the interior décor.

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The kitchen cabinets should always be in good shape so maintenance is important
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Even if you can’t afford to replace the cabinets, give them a quick makeover

In the kitchen, the cabinets are usually the focal point of attention so it’s important that they look nice. So give them a makeover. Repaint the cabinets and change the hardware to make them look like new again.

The garden and the yard are a reflection of the house so don’t neglect them

Now that the interior of the house looks good it’s time to also take a look outside. Spruce up the yard and get rid of ugly elements like trash and waste. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and get rid of the weeds. You could also plant for flowers.

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It’s best to be sure of certain details by checking things yourself

Another thing that you could do and that doesn’t have to do with the décor or the exterior is to check the square footage of the house because sometimes it can be higher than specified in the contract and this can increase the value of the house.


A clean house is always an attractive house and this can attract costumers

A clean house is always more attractive. So before you let anyone take a look at your home you should first do a basic cleaning. This will make the house look more attractive and will allow potential buyers to see it at its full potential.

When cleaning, don’t be afraid to throw out things that make the house look cluttered

Before taking care of the little things you should get rid of the clutter. Eliminate any unnecessary items and get rid of old furniture that you’re not using anyway. If you don’t want to throw them all away then you can just put everything in a storage unit.

Pay special attention to every little space because you never know what someone might discover

Then it’s time for a deep cleaning. Focus on areas you rarely clean such as the vents, the baseboards and the tiny crevices. Wash the windows and don’t forget about the rugs and carpets. A potential buyer is very attentive to every little detail.

When you’re finished cleaning, chase out the smell of detergents with a few scented candles

Finally, when the house is clean and shiny, put up some scented candles just to get rid of any unpleasant odors from cleaning products or anything else. A home that smells good is immediately more attractive and more inviting.


An outdated kitchen is often a big minus in the eyes of potential buyers

Usually it pays off to make a few important upgrades in the house before selling it. For example, you could invest in new kitchen appliances. This will make the kitchen seem more modern and appealing to potential buyers.

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By investing in new countertops, you spare the buyer time and energy

The kitchen could also use new countertops. Choose good materials to increase the value. Countertops are a big investment and potential buyers prefer to already have this taken care of. This way they can focus on smaller things.

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Even if you might think your flooring looks acceptable, an outsider will most likely disagree

An upgrade that is usually forgotten is flooring. When you’re used to living in your home you don’t notice things like the noises your flooring makes when you step on it but a potential buyer will definitely pay attention to that. Invest in resilient flooring to add value to the home.

By upgrading the plumbing fixtures you make the kitchens and bathrooms look more modern

Another important upgrade for rooms like the kitchen and the bathrooms is the plumbing fixtures. They are relatively inexpensive to replace and they tell buyers that they have nothing to worry about there. Make sure the finish and material you choose matches the décor.

The bathroom is an extremely important room and it needs to feel inviting and relaxing

The master bathroom will probably need more than just a new faucet. If you really want to make it look amazing, consider giving a spa-like upgrade.Upgrade the tiles, the shower, the tub and pay attention to the atmosphere. if some of these elements are still in good condition you can just give them a makeover.

Other things to consider.

Most buyers will prefer a home that’s eco-friendly even if it’s not perfect

Some people prefer to have an eco-friendly home so they look for such elements when house hunting. A few upgrades can allow your home to be included in this category as well. Choose renewable finishes and materials such as bamboo, replace the light bulbs with economic ones and pay attention to other similar details.

Don’t neglect the garage and de-clutter it to make it look more spacious

Besides the actual house, people are often interested in a good garage as well. If your home has a garage then you can add value to it by making this space look amazing. Clean and organize the garage and throw away anything you don’t need. Install some shelves and give it a fresh coat of paint.

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If your house has a big garden or yard, make sure the irrigation works properly

The interior is very important but the exterior doesn’t have to be neglected either. For example, having a fully functioning irrigation system for the garden can make a big difference. It means that the buyer will save time and energy and this is always something good.

A bad roof will definitely scare off costumers so don’t let them see any defects

Another big and important element is the roof. If the roof has leaks or looks bag then most buyers will rather look for something else. So reduce the risk of damage in the near future by fixing any problems with the roof. Of course, it’s best to opt for a quality roof in the first place.

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The windows are a big upgrade but they can also bring even more money

You might also want to consider upgrading the windows. They should provide good insulation so quality is important. Good windows let you save energy and thus they increase the value of the house.

Add a few cabinets and shelves to increase the storage space in the house

One of things people look for in a house is storage space. It’s why it’s great to have lots of closets and shelves in the house. More storage means more value. Make sure the closets are fully functioning and hide anything you don’t want buyers to see when they check the furniture.

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A functional basement is very important because it presents so many posibilities

If your home has a basement then you should pay special attention to it before letting anyone see this space. First of all, the basement needs to be dry. Also, it should look bright and inviting. So invest in good lighting and give this space a thorough cleaning.

Allow potential buyers to envision themselves in your house by de-personalizing it beforehand

Finally, another thing you should take into consideration when letting people analyze your home is not to make it seem too personal. Try to hide some of the family photos and, if you want to repaint the walls, choose a neutral color and a timeless shade that won’t bother anyone.

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