DIY New Years Eve Decorations for Dining Table

The New Year is almost here, which means it’s time to be thinking about New Year’s Eve décor! So, to help solve this problem, today I’m going to show you how to create a simple New Year’s Eve Table Centerpiece.

What we need

– Large Styrofoam Ball – 2 Dowel Rods – Wooden Block – Wooden Letters  – Gray Paint – Turquoise Paint  – Foam Brushes – Decoupage Glue – Glitter  – Industrial Strength Glue

Let's make New Years Eve Decorations for Dining Table


Take one of your dowel rods and poke it through your Styrofoam ball. Once your Styrofoam ball is on your dowel rod, you can now begin to paint.

Paint your second dowel rod and wooden block gray. Then set both items aside to dry.


Paint your wooden letters turquoise and set them aside to dry.


Grab your wooden block and begin gluing on each of your wooden letters. When your wooden letters have dried, apply some glue to the bottom of your dowel rod and glue it to the top of your wooden block.


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