Sophisticated Accessories And Centerpieces For Fancy Homes

The difference between a sophisticated and glamorous home and one that looks dull and mediocre is in the little details, the home accessories and the small elements often overlooked by a lot of people. High quality materials and nice furniture arrangements are not enough to make a home stand out. The space also needs some great centerpiece ideas and accessories to look complete and to gain that glamorous beauty and sophisticated charm that impress. So let’s have a look at a few inspiring examples which will hopefully help put your home over the top.


The most common type of centerpieces is the one that includes flowers. But being so popular, these centerpieces risk looking bland and boring so you have to find a way to make yours stand out. The beauty is in the little details so pay attention to the colors and also to the textures used. Don’t necessarily try to impress with quantity. A few simple stems should be enough. Look for a vase or a container that stands out, that doesn’t follow the same old patterns and styles.

ARITA 400project Porcelain fower vase

You can also create a sophisticated centerpiece composition using the right forms and shapes. Aim for simplicity. Just look how well these two trays interact, complementing each other and working as a duo. The combination is exquisite and it’s easy to envision how beautiful such a centerpiece would look on a contemporary table.

ARITA 400project Porcelain centerpiece

Not all centerpieces and accessories have a floral theme. In fact, there are numerous other options to explore, like this sculptural ceramic piece by Arita. Its design is simple and abstract enough to entice conversations and to be interpreted in a lot of different and interesting ways. This is an accessory which can be displayed on a coffee or side table, on an open shelf or on a console table.

Arca de paris centepiece ideas

Since we mentioned flower arrangements and other similar things, we should also mention that sometimes the vase is more important than the plants or flowers displayed in it. In fact, you could choose to only display the vase. It its design is interesting enough, it could serve as a sculpture or an accessory without needing anything else. Another suggestion can be to display vases in pairs or in sets.

Arca de paris centepiece ideas vases

Glass is an extremely flexible and versatile material and some of the most beautiful and most interesting home accessories are made of glass. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your home you should definitely consider glass ornaments. Don’t look for anything complicated. The simpler the design is the more intriguing it can be, like these Arcade bottles/ vases.

decorate the table with diff objects

You can also create a sophisticated arrangement by putting together a bunch of different things. You can have multiple accessories displayed in a tray to make them look like a collection. All these things can be displayed on a console table, on a hallway or anywhere else you think it’s suitable. You can always use this strategy to elevate the decor in a room.

Objet de curiosit for table centerpiece

Open shelves are perfect for displaying collections. A collection can include a variety of objects with the same theme. For example, check out these beautiful corals. A tip we can offer when decorating with collections is to create contrast between the items displayed and their background. For example, if your collection is brightly colored you should have the wall behind it painted with a dark color.

Masculine Centerpiece ideas
Masculine Centerpiece design ideas

Create a story and a context for your home accessories. Place them in a special setting and this will give them a more refined and sophisticated look. You can do this in a lot of different ways such as with wallpaper, decals and by using certain color tones. It’s also important to find the right location for these accessories. Think of your home as a gallery and try to pick the right spot for each art piece. If you need inspiration, have a look at this gallery of wonders, full of great pieces.

white accessories to decorate the house
vases and accessories to decorate the house for centerpiece

Add a little bit of modern French flair to your home with these decorations from Les Heritiers. The studio’s love and passion for both antique and contemporary design is highlighted in a collection of sculptural and glamorous accessories. They impress through form, maintaining a very simple and neutral color palette as well as smooth and clean finishes.

Bott table centerpiece lighting

Some accessories do more than just look beautiful. One really good example is the table lamp. This is an accent piece with a double function which is very beautifully illustrated by Chiaramonte Marin when designing the Bott. The series features pure and simple shapes and slender figures emphasized by bottom-to-top color gradient. The lamps are made of blown glass.

nasonmoretti - beauty every day is our story

You’ll be able to expand your collection of home accessories and beautiful centerpieces with the exquisite collections offered by Nason Moretti. Collections such as the Mini Antares or Bolle turn glass into works of art. These collections also allow you to add the needed touch of color to the decor, including a variety of wonderful shades. In addition, all the products impress through form.

peacock decorate with kids in mind

You can have a sophisticated home even if you decorate with kids in mind. Creations such as the Peacock combine sleek and elegant lines with playful and cheerful forms and vibrant colors. Such designs are humorous and simple, aiming at creating a link between kid-friendly and glamorous decor details. Artist Takeshi Sawada had several other great ideas that follow the same theme.

Oval colorful trays

Trays may not seem like very sophisticated accessories but they can take on that role if the design helps. This chic tray set is a perfect example. Each tray has its own distinct shape, dimensions and color. All share in common thin edges with black exteriors. You can use these as accessories for the dining table, in the kitchen, use them to display or store collections or simply let them stand out on their own.{found on designletters}.

Bone bowl brass

For the dining table, a chic option can be to use a bowl as an accessory as well as an actual functional piece. The sculptural Bone Bowl is cast in solid brass and has a matte finish. Each bowl is unique and features an intricate curved lattice structure with bone-like qualities. The designs are abstract and open and thus allow these to serve as bowls but also as stylish table top pieces.

Hex champaigne and bowls from copper

A similar example is the Hex Bowl. Made of solid copper and featuring a hammered hexagonal pattern, the bowl can easily double as a stylish ornament or centerpiece. The collection also includes the Hex Bucket which features the same design characteristics as the bowl. Together they form an unusual set meant to give any dining room a unique look and an elegant and glamorous feel.


Thomas fritsch blues and greens

Another great source of stylish designs when it comes to home accessories and centerpiece ideas is the series of Thomas Fritsch blues and greens which includes numerous beautiful vases and other creations. The series explores the beauty of these two fresh and soothing colors, using their natural charm to turn simple accessories into works of art.

EVA ZETHRAEUS, Gravity Bubble

This exquisite Bubble Cluster is an amazing handmade ceramic sculpture created by Eva Zethaeus. The creation process is a long and complex one which requires great attention to details. The result is a beautiful coral like no other. Several different models and designs are available, each with its own unique characteristics and its own character. They’re all meticulously shaped and carefully baked to obtain the wonderful colors.

Giraud uneven flower vessel

Glass sculptures are usually known for their smooth and sleek shapes and finishes but that’s not always the case. Brooklyn glass artist Thaddeus Wolfe chose to use a signature technique which gives these amazing sculptures a rough texture. Each piece is made using a special molding process and is carved through layers. This technique reveals the interior colors and results in the unique texture.